Emmerdale spoiler video: Manpreet fears for Charles and missing daughter Naomi

Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) discovers Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) is in the middle of a difficult ordeal in Emmerdale, as Ethan (Emile John) reveals his distant sister Naomi (Karene Peter) has gone missing and his dad is out looking for her.

A few months ago, Charles’ former partner, Esme, revealed more about why she left their relationship.

It became apparent Esme was experiencing post-natal depression and after walking out on Charles and a young Ethan, she gave birth to Naomi.

Charles wondered if he should meet Naomi but chose not to and soon, he discovers his daughter has disappeared.

In this new Emmerdale video clip, Ethan is happy to see Manpreet, who’s returned from seeing daughter Aiesha.

Manpreet is wondering where Charles has gone, prompting Ethan to update her and reveal his dad is out trying to find Naomi.

‘Esme gives the hint that [this is] the core reason for her disappearance’ actor Kevin Mathurin recently told Metro.co.uk. ‘Charles takes it upon himself that it’s his fault.

‘Esme has told Naomi that Charles doesn’t want to see her, so Charles feels the guilt as he always does!

‘He takes it upon himself to search and look for her.’

He added: ‘All he wanted to do was meet her and find out if she was alright. Whether the relationship goes forward or not, he just wanted to find out if she was okay.’

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