Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley addresses Robron fan reaction to his exit as Robert

Soap fans engage with power couples they can relate to deeply and passionately – these are characters we have in our living rooms almost every night of the week and we have seen develop over years and even decades so when it comes to a sad ending, it can be a painful pill to swallow.

Of course, the carousel of soap arrivals and exits continues and Ryan Hawley recwently was confirmed to be leaving his role as the popular Robert Sugden, meaning the end of the line for the ever popular Robron couple. And Ryan admitted that he was sad to see some of the upset reactions online to the news.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, he sighed: ‘I’ve seen a few things on the internet – people upset that I’m leaving. Robert and Ryan. It’s not nice, is it? We want them to be happy, which is why we do this show. But I don’t really know what to say…’

Aside from ‘I’ve changed my mind’, not much will take the sting out of the ending when it does come towards the end of the year. However, fans are largely just wishing the best for Ryan in his new ventures and hoping for a satisfactory ending for Robron. Or as satisying as an ending can possibly be anyway.

And Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle, will miss Ryan just as much. He said: ‘We have a good laugh. And we take it seriously when needs be. So it’s better when we’re together – we can have a laugh with it or find other things to play instead of shouting at each other.

‘I’ve been there. I’ve left and had a go at seeing what’s out there. Auditioning and being a jobbing actor. I always had a feeling that Ryan would want to do that at some point. Without blowing smoke, he’s a great actor and great to work with. So it was always inevitable he was going to do this. It’s just a case of when – and yes, I fully support him.

‘He should get out there. I was gutted for me to lose a friend on set and around the building as well. I must be saying some things – I’ve lost Kelvin, Adam and now Ryan. I’m going to be the only one in that group message who’s still working. But it’s gutting for me, Aaron and the show. But I wish him all the best.’

Ryan was giving nothing away about his exit storyline – and refused to rule out the possibility that Robert may die. He said: ‘That’s the choice of the show. Whether you stay or choose to go, you’re at the mercy of the producers, so you can’t have any ill feeling. It is what it is. If that’s what they do, it’s what they do.’

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