Emmerdale theory: Marcus Dean to claim his first victim in the village as clue dropped

Emmerdale: Marcus tells Ethan he’s leaving

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Marcus (played by Darcy Grey) has been trying for years not to be like his late father, Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather), and he has tried to prove to the likes of Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) this is the case since he arrived in the Emmerdale village. With the heat taken off him, as the residents of the ITV soap have begun to see past their judgement, the newcomer has developed a bond with love interest, Ethan Anderson (Emile John). Unfortunately, a brand new theory suggests this romance might not work out after all and could end up with one of them dead.

The clue was dropped in Friday night’s episode as earlier this week, the pair had embarked on their first steamy rendezvous.

With this still playing on both their minds, they were being very timid with one another when they bumped into each other in the village.

“I was thinking about texting you,” Ethan told the handsome newcomer, adding: “I couldn’t decide if I’d left it long enough since yesterday.

“But, since you’ve driven to my village…” he continued before he was interrupted by Marcus who explained: “Actually, I’m on a call out.

“The café is having a problem with their electrics,” he said, making the lawyer very embarrassed as he’d got the wrong end of the stick.

Putting Ethan’s mind at ease, Marcus told him: “You can come and give me a hand if you like. Can probably do it in half the time with a fit assistant.”

Not one to be too spontaneous, the vicar’s son replied: “I’ve got some paperwork my boss is waiting on.”

“So, ditch it. Give yourself a break. Stress is a killer,” the newcomer suspiciously remarked, maybe dropping a subtle clue of what’s to come.

Just like that, Ethan followed his love interest into the café to help him with his work, putting all of his other responsibilities to the side.

Although this might have been a passing comment many would assume, the fact his father is a murderer could make this a lot more suspect.

Stress is a killer

Marcus Dean

Since arriving in the village, the newcomer has been nothing but charm itself, getting all of his new friends and neighbours on his side.

With the character only having been introduced in the past couple of months, there is no way of knowing what direction he is going to go in.

However, Express.co.uk have decided to make him a killer in a new theory as it could be just like Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu), he gets enjoyment out of goading his victims.

In this case with Ethan, Marcus could be slowly making the once rule-abiding villager turn to the dark side by using his charm.

Slowly but surely, Ethan will become a very different person as he fails to turn up to work and would rather spend all of his time with Marcus.

In a couple of months from now, Marcus could have Ethan in the palm of his hands and this could be the moment when he strikes.

This would be the first victim the newcomer has claimed in the village and Ethan might well not be the last person to die at the hands of the villain.

Of course, because the pair have been spending so much time together, the police would look to him as being their number one suspect.

Just like his father, the newcomer could be very manipulative and he could encourage the authorities to look at another person of interest.

As the investigation begins and more lives are claimed in the village, it could be the residents of the Dales will have to watch their backs as any one of them could be next.

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Speaking with Express.co.uk and other media, the actor who plays Marcus, Darcy, teased his character could possibly be a villain.

The actor explained: “I think we all don’t think that we’re like our parents in real life.

“Me and my dad, I know him very well but I didn’t grow up with him and so there’s always been a separation even though we’ve been empathetically close but I’ve always thought, ‘I’m not really like him, I’m definitely like my mum.’

“But as I’m growing slightly older, I’m noticing little bits that I’m like ‘My dad reacts like that, my dad does those sorts of things.’

“So I think Marcus likes to think he’s nothing like his dad but I think that instinctual thing comes out of him through the story, that’s the bit that we’ll tend to see that he is quite similar to his dad at some point.”

Taking to Twitter, viewers are also unsure about the newcomer’s motives and think he could turn out to be just like Pierce.

Deluca wrote: “Ethan and Marcus are cute though still don’t trust Marcus 100 percent yet though #Emmerdale.”

Chris posted: “#Emmerdale how long will they drag it until we find out who/what Marcus really is all about.”

Ryan added on the social media platform: “Rhona is right Pearce was the monster, not Marcus though I’m still suspicious of Marcus.”

Whereas Zombie 404 commented: “Normally I’d say you can’t blame the child for their parent’s actions, but there’s something about Marcus I don’t like.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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