Emmerdale theory: Will Taylor accidentally killed by Gabby Thomas in stalker twist

Emmerdale: Will Taylor worries about Malone’s body being found

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Will (played by Dean Andrews) has been a supporting character in a lot of different storylines on Emmerdale recently, from supporting Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) to helping Kim (Claire King) mend bridges with Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham). Little does he know, the mother of one has discovered Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) is still alive and in recent weeks on the ITV soap, she has become paranoid he is stalking her. In this week’s flash-forward episodes, it seems someone’s life will be brought to a tragic end as a gunshot rings out at Home Farm but could Will be the unlucky victim?

Monday’s episode began with viewers being given a glimpse at the conclusion of some big storylines this week, from the aftermath of a car crash to an unknown character being locked up.

Another few flash-forward scenes showed someone trying to climb out of a muddy grave and another villager pulling the trigger on a loaded gun.

It’s already known the gun will come from Kim’s collection at Home Farm as Gabby gets ready to come face to face with her stalker.

The person trying to crawl out of the grave could seems to be the victim of the shooting and it appeared to be someone who was prepared to be walking around the grounds of the mansion.

Will was the caretaker for the grounds before becoming engaged to Kim so he could know the kind of clothing to wear but this isn’t the only hint he could be the character who is killed off.

As the dramatic instalment returned to the present day, Kim explained to Gabby she was going to be organising a few more bits and bobs for the wedding.

The owner of Home Farm said her husband to be wasn’t going to go with her because he would have been too bored looking at dresses and the like.

Instead, he stayed on the grounds and later in the episode, he turned up at the Hop to tell Billy someone had been walking around the woods.

This is an unknown character who Gabby suspects to be Jamie, testing the waters and gearing himself up to take his son Thomas Tate away from her.

Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) did her best to convince Gabby it wasn’t anyone sinister but her father’s words didn’t help.

Someone prowling around

Will Taylor

Will said: “Nate [Robinson] reckons he saw someone prowling around the top ground earlier. I’m not needed back at The Yard for another hour or so.

“So I think if we both go up there and have a good look around we could cover more ground that way,” Kim’s husband to be told Billy.

Dawn’s husband agreed and they both went off together but Gabby was still paranoid it was her former lover who was stalking her.

Before the credits rolled, Billy informed Gabby he and Will had concluded their investigations and had found no one lurking around.

He assured her it was probably a random stranger who had got lost and walked into the woods but again, Gabby’s fears were not dampened.

The rest of this week’s episodes will almost run as a horror film for Gabby as she finds herself alone at Home Farm with no one to reassure her about her fears.

It seems she will give chase to the person who has been stalking her but it has not been confirmed if it is she or they who end up with the gun.

No matter who has their hands on the weapon, by the time Friday’s episode is over, it will have been triggered and the gunshots will ring around the village.

Looking ahead, it could be Gabby who gets hold of the gun and thinking Jamie is going to pounce out of the shadows, she could take a randomly aimed shot.

She could think this would have startled her stalker but what she might not realise is she actually hit someone by accident.

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It could well be Will decided to look around the woods again after he and Billy finished their initial investigations to try and help Gabby let go of her fears.

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t have told anyone what he was doing and so no one would realise he could be lying wounded in the woods following the gunshot.

As his phone could be out of battery and with his life slipping away, Will could succumb to his injuries as he dies on his own.

The next day, a search party could go looking for him as his loved ones become concerned he has not made contact with them.

When his body is eventually found, Kim will want to know who shot her husband to be as she wants to get her revenge on them.

Gabby will know deep down it was her who took the fatal shot and she is to solely blame for Will dying whilst trying to help her.

Not wanting to feel the full force of Kim’s wrath, Gabby could come clean Jamie is still alive and could have done it out of spite.

Kim would be furious her son would have destroyed his happiness and she would declare if he ever came back to the village, she would kill him.

But will another innocent life be lost as Gabby tries to bury her murderous secret or will the truth come out in the most dramatic fashion?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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