Emmerdales Charles family secret exposed as he meets newcomer in the woods

Vicar Charles Anderson appears to have a family secret that he's been keeping close to his chest, but next week, Emmerdale spoilers reveal that his secret will finally be exposed.

Harriet Finch becomes concerned with Charles' behaviour after he appears visibly shaken by a mysterious message that he receives on his phone.

The next day, keeping himself preoccupied with various tasks, Charles anxiously rejects an incoming phone call.

But later on Harriet catches sight of a disturbing message that she sees on Charles' phone.

Backed in a corner, Charles initially had no intention of confiding in Harriet about the ongoing harassing texts that he's been receiving. But he is then forced to change his mind when things become too much to bare.

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Feeling annoyed, Charles makes an angry phone call telling his tormentor to stop hounding him.

However, later on, the vicar goes to a covert meeting in the woods to face the mystery person head on, but who is Charles going to meet up with and what do they want from him?

Charles has been going through quite a turbulent time over the last few weeks, as he recently discovered the results of his son's HIV test after he embarked on a one-night stand.

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Charles' son Ethan, was previously distressed and had his father worried but he later revealed the source of his concerns.

Confiding in his dad, Ethan said: "I just found out I'm not HIV positive."

Although he received the all clear, Charles initially had a surprised look on his face but quickly regained his composure and had a chat with his son about the results.

While they spoke openly, Ethan admitted he messed up. But Ethan's admission only made Charles further frustrated and he became evidently angry.

Charles reminded Ethan that he carelessly gambled with his life doing something so irresponsible like having unprotected sex during a meaningless one-night-stand.

When Charles finally calmed down, he comforted Ethan by telling him that he is the only thing he had left in his world.

But with the constant hounding from an unfamiliar person, will Charles' world be turned upside down once again.

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