Emmerdale’s Wendy ‘to cheat on Bob with Dan’ as fans ‘work out’ affair twist

Emmerdale fans are convinced there's a sordid affair on the cards after Wendy Posner and Dan Spencer spent the evening together.

Wendy (Susan Cookson) had prepared dinner for both Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) and Dan (Liam Fox), but her boyfriend was forced to rush off when Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) cited an emergency at the pub.

Dan stuck around for dinner, and the conversation got a little deep as they discussed romances and "human contact".

Watching from home, viewers were convinced the pair were about to spark up an illicit affair, cheating together behind Bob's back.

One Twitter user wrote: "Wendy's gonna sleep with Dan I reckon."

"Wendy fancies Dan," added a second, and a third chimed: "Don't tell me dan fancies Wendy or Wendy fancies dan?"

After their meal, Dan and Wendy got comfy on the sofa and discussed her relationship with Bob, which has been on-off over the past year.

"We’re happy… well I am anyway," Wendy confessed.

Dan wondered: "You think he isn't?"

Wendy explained she was insecure over Bob’s long-winded dating history, with the chatty barman having seduced half the village in the past.

She admitted: "He's got a lot more to compare it to than I have."

Dan then suggested Bob was a lucky man, hinting he could appreciate Wendy’s qualities as a partner.

He remarked: "He’s lucky now anyway."

Insisting Dan was "due a bit of luck" with his love life, Wendy then offered him an open invitation to stay at her place whenever he feels lonely.

After Bob returned, he grilled Dan about their evening together, hinting he was equally insecure in their relationship.

Dan assured Bob his girlfriend was in love with him, but admitted his relationship history had affected her confidence.

Bob looked flustered, vowing to make things right between himself and the midwife.

Will Wendy and Dan become good friends, or could their relationship take an unexpected romantic turn?

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.

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