‘Fatal mistake’ James Martin issues warning to Saturday Morning guest over cooking tip

James Martin offers tips on which oils to use when cooking

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During a rerun of James Martin’s Saturday Morning, ITV spoke with a number of viewers who called in to ask for help with their cooking dilemmas. During the segment, the host spoke with vet Claire who wanted to know how to create the perfect dish using coconut flour and sugar. Shortly after he spoke with another viewer called John who wanted to discuss the best cooking oils to use. Then, halfway through the segment, the 49-year-old issued a warning to John as he explained what not to do when cooking with a certain oil.

James began by explaining the two different types of “distinct oils”.

“It’s all to do with the flash point,” the chef told him. “The oils that go to a higher cooking temperature before they burn.

“So, anything that’s got a high flash point you use for frying. Anything that has got a low flash point you would stay away from cooking and use it for dressings.

“I’ve got a selection here and I will run some through with you now, John.”

As he went through each oil, James continued: “Veg oil and grape oil, they are deep frying oils.

“Extra virgin olive oils there are different degrees of Extra virgin olive oil.

“These are what you use for cooking. You wouldn’t deep fry with these as they have got a low flash point.”

He went on to warn: “They will go off. Don’t buy this and put it in the windowsill, they are light sensitive.”


“Put it in the cupboard,” he added. “Or buy bottles that are dark coloured.

“Then you have the trendy oils. The coconut oils, flaxseed oil and mustard oils. These you would use for dressings.”

Turning his attention to the nut oils, James pointed out they have a low flash point and so would burn if you tried to cook with them.

This led the TV chef to speak about the common mistakes people make when using nut oils, which is when he issued a stark warning to John about what not to do.


“The common mistakes people make when they are cooking, particularly in Chinese food,” he explained.

“They will pan fry anything in a wok in sesame oil. Fatal mistake, it will burn immediately.

Instead, James recommended people to use “a little bit of groundnut oil” when it comes to a stirfry.

“It’s got a high flash point and then you’re using your sesame oil as a dressing at the end,” he added.

Elsewhere in the episode, James invited TV chef Asma Khan into the studio where she demonstrated how to make a traditional Indian chicken and rice dish.

Asma and James jokingly clashed over a number of cooking disagreements.

The first disagreement between the two chefs came about when Asma told James never to cook with chicken breasts.

“Never ever?” he quizzed.

Asma simply replied: “Never, because the thing is, the spices don’t penetrate through.”

James went on to ask what she did with the left-over chicken. He continued: “You’re left with loads of chicken breast.”

Asma joked: “You can boil it and make it into a sandwich.”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning returns on Saturday at 9.25 on ITV.

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