Fear the Walking Dead exclusive: Watch the start of season 5 premiere

If you’ve been watching Fear the Walking Dead for four seasons waiting for Alicia to kill a bunch of zombies with a ripped-off propeller from an airplane, good news: YOUR WAIT IS OVER!

That is just one of the delights from the season 5 premiere, airing Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC. But you don’t have to wait until then to watch said propeller carnage. Nor do you fancy AMC Premiere members with your early access have to cool your heels until Friday night to check it out. That’s because we’ve got the exclusive first few minutes of the season premiere for you right here and right now.

Meet two new kid brothers named Dylan and Max as they shoot for their supper. Watch as a plane crash-lands, slicing a zombie in two on the way down. And then behold as Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) emerges from the smoke and fire like a total badass. It’s all ready and waiting in the video above. Check it out for yourself, and then enjoy the entire feast Sunday night on AMC.

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