Fearsome Kim in Emmerdale intimidates Gabby and Dawn's potential new nannies

Kim (Claire King) is delighting in the healthy competition she’s created between Gabby (Rosie Bentham) and Dawn (Olivia Bromley) in Emmerdale, who will come out the victor?

Whoever it is, Kim is first set to put them through the ringer to find out who is most worthy of the coveted role. But before competition can really get going, the two women must find themselves a nanny so that they can focus on the work at hand, as per Kim’s instructions.

Kim is revelling in this power and sets them a joint task to really ramp up the competition. They both step up and present opposing ideas to Kim, who is smug when she reveals they could have made life easier for themselves if they’d just worked together. Their first fail.

The day of the nanny interviews rolls around and naturally, Kim has exceedingly high standards. She ensures that the interviews are typical of her style – formal and intimidating in order to weed out the weak and find a nanny able to cope with the Tate household.

Dawn is still not convinced about having an outsider look after the kids, but Billy (Jay Kontzle) tries to reassure her all is well. But is he right? Kim chooses a nanny – strict and old fashioned like her, which Dawn and Gabby are having none of. Instead, they like a woman called Samantha and believe she is the one to take on the task.

But at the last moment they interview one final candidate – a male nanny named Nicky. Gabby is thrilled when Nicky makes the cut and he agrees to meet the children. Dawn, however, is not at all convinced.

Is her gut telling her something is off with this one?

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