Four In a Bed star turned down show after bosses refused request

Four in a Bed: Lincolnshire B&B scored by guests

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A former Four In A Bed contestant was delighted to receive positive feedback after a recent rerun of his episode of the hit Channel 4 show. John Commons and his sister Joy run the Victoria Bikers Pub in Leicestershire and their episode first aired in series 12 back in 2017, however, after a recent re-run he received a lovely email which he took to Facebook to share. In an exclusive interview with, Jon admitted they almost didn’t appear on the programme having initially tuned down Channel 4 until they agreed to one stipulation.

After watching the re-run of the B&B-themed reality competition a couple who identified themselves as Chris and Trish felt compelled to write to the biker-themed venue.

“We’ve never done this before but felt strongly enough to contact you,” they opened.

“Me and my husband have been watching Four in a Bed and would like to say that you’re a pair of fantastic sports and all round good people.”

“Both of you coped really well with the tension between two of the couples. You kept it real and were true to your beliefs,” they said.

The mail continued: “Unfortunately, you were surrounded by game players (apart from Mehfil Hotel owners).

“We wish you all good luck in the future and are pretty sure that you will continue to be happy and successful in your pub!”

This isn’t the only time John has been complimented for his appearance on the show.

“I’ve been phoned up from people around the world about Four In A Bed and people telling me how good that me and my sister came across,” he explained.

However, their appearance nearly didn’t happen as John admitted that they first turned down the opportunity when approached about featuring in it.

“When Channel 4 asked us to do it we didn’t do it initially. We didn’t want to.” he admitted.

“But then they asked us again and we did an interview with them and I said that I would only do it on a Thursday night.”

Admitting that the show was confused by his one condition, John revealed that they told him they couldn’t guarantee that.

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But when he explained why they finally relented to his terms.

“I said, ‘Well, on a Thursday night, it’s our bike night,’” John continued.

“’Our car park is full of motorbikes, and this is what we’re about.’”

He also offered to create an atmosphere for the show by arranging live music on the night.

“I told them ‘If you want to film on that night I’ll put a band on or two and then you’ll get a true reflection of what we’re about’,” he added.

“’Obviously, I don’t want you to come on a Monday,’ I said. ‘We’re all just sat around doing nothing’.”

Four In a Bed is on Channel 4 at 5pm daily with previous episodes available on All 4.

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