Furious MAFS viewers accuse show bosses of casting actors and not genuine people looking for love

MARRIED At First Sight viewers have accused show bosses of casting actors and people not genuinely looking for love.

The second episode of the dating show saw two more sets of strangers tie the knot last night, including veterinary nurse Morag Crichton and children's home manager Luke Dawson.

Already fans of the E4 series have slammed Morag for not being happy with husband Luke after she admitted she was looking for a more muscular man than the 36-year-old.

And as the drama continues to mount between the new couples, viewers have now accused producers of casting actors, who aren't looking for love but rather fame.

Taking to Twitter, one penned: "Watching Married At First Sight UK and wondering just how many of these people are actors and how fake some of this basically is".

"I dunno about this series of #MAFSUK…," another claimed. "I'm gonna give it a go, but it does feel like the participants are all actors selected from agencies.

"It seems to lack even more realness than your standard 'reality TV'. I dunno if I can commit to it."

A third accused: "This show is clearly so fake and for drama/entertainment if they don’t put people together who both want children.. that’s clearly a big thing."

"The Australian version of this is entertaining but in the main seems real," another wrote.

"3 out of the 4 couples so far shouldn’t of been matched. This show is fake and playing with peoples lives".


The comments come after fans slammed Morag for not being happy with her husband Luke.

The veterinary nurse, 31, admitted she was looking for a more muscular man than Welsh firefighter Luke, 36.

In fact, viewers got really mad when the blonde bombshell complained she "didn't get what I ordered" when it came to the stranger she agreed to marry.

"I wanted big, athletic, hairy," Morag started, before admitting, "but I'm willing to give it a chance."

"I'm willing to give myself up to the process, and trust the experts."

Fans then blasted her attitude saying, Luke wasn't a "meal at McDonald's waiting to be ordered" while his parents showered praise on her, calling her "gorgeous".

Things went from bad to worse as the Essex native admitted that she was already feeling "bored" at their wedding reception and she didn't want any kids, despite Luke feeling broody.

MAFS UK viewers also slammed the show's matchmakers for setting up Luke with someone who didn't want to start a family.

"Wow the "experts" got it completely f***ing wrong with Morag and Luke," one fan wrote.

Married at First Sight continues on Wednesday, September 1 at 9pm on E4.

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