‘Game of Thrones’ Comes Close to Having Another Editing Blunder

Before ‘The Bells’ episode got aired on Sunday, May 12, night, fans have spotted in a promotional photo that Jaime Lannister appears to be having his missing right hand grown back.

AceShowbiz -“Game of Thrones” fans spotted another editing gaffe in a promotional shot for Sunday night’s (May 12) show, just a week after a Starbucks coffee cup appeared in a feast scene.

The latest error appeared at the end of “The Bells” episode as Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau‘s characters Cersei and Jaime Lannister embrace as they await the end of their lives under a pile of crashing rubble.

Jaime’s prosthetic golden hand is nowhere to be seen and it appears his missing right appendage has grown back.

One fan tweeted: “first the starbucks cup and now they really forgot that jaime’s whole hand was chopped off?? an absolute mess #GameOfThrones.”

A fan spotted the editing gaffe in the new promotional photo of ‘GoT’ season 8.

The scene in question didn’t actually make it into Sunday’s show, the penultimate one of the series.

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