Gemma and Chesney's wedding drama revealed in Corrie

Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) is determined to have the wedding of her dreams in Coronation Street – let’s just hope it all goes to plan.

Gemma and Chesney’s (Sam Aston) main challenge when it came to their big day was the funds for it. With the family struggling to get by in the cost-of-living crisis, Gemma and Chesney have done all they can to raise money, even accepting Paul’s (Peter Ash) help in the process – who is also keeping a huge secret from the family.

Paul was recently diagnosed with motor neurone disease and hasn’t told his loved ones just yet, and it’s this that impacts his upcoming thoughts about the wedding as, after realising there’s something wrong with his right foot, he starts to wonder if he’ll be able to walk Gemma up the aisle.

As Paul’s fears grow, Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) tries to persuade him to attend the wedding.

Once Paul discovers that Gemma has been crying about him not going, he ends up apologising and thankfully, all is forgiven.

In the church, the congregation watches as Paul – in the middle of battling his symptoms – walks Gemma up the aisle in the dress of her dreams.

As Gemma and Ches exchange their vows, it looks like absolutely nothing can ruin their day…but how will Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) react when she finds out that Linda – Joseph’s (William Flanagan) – grandma – secretly funded the wedding?

And could this be the moment the wedding descends into chaos?

‘I think her, and Chesney complement each other perfectly because he’s like the calm side to all her crazy hyper side, he brings her back down to earth and he just loves and accepts her for who she is’, Dolly-Rose Campbell said to us recently, revealing why she thinks Gemma and Chesney work so well together.

‘He doesn’t try and change her. He puts up with all her family and they’re a great team together raising the family. They just work really well together and they’re best friends at the heart of it.’

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