George Clooney PSA for Jimmy Kimmel mocks Donald Trump and dumb f—ing idiots

We’re not entirely sure public service announcements are allowed to be this blunt, but Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t care.

George Clooney takes center stage in Kimmel’s own environmental PSA in support of science instead of “dumb f—ing idiots,” like, as are highlighted in the video, President Donald Trump and Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe.

“The volumes of invaluable knowledge gathered over centuries are now threatened by an epidemic of dumb f–ing idiots saying dumb s—,” Clooney said.

The Oscar winner turned to footage of Inhofe bringing in a snowball to the Senate in 2015 as apparent proof that climate change doesn’t exist. Yes, an elected senator actually said the following, per C-SPAN footage: “I ask the chair, do you know what this is? It’s a snowball. That’s just from outside here. So, it’s very very cold out, very unseasonal.”

Clooney also turned to footage of Trump making his famous windmills-cause-cancer declaration.

“Dumb s— is highly contagious, infecting the minds of even the most ‘stable’ geniuses,” the actor quipped in mocking of Trump’s previous claim that he is “a very stable genius.”

Fortunately for all of us, there’s hope. Clooney, to condemn “rampant dumbf—ery,” launches his spoof organization, United to Defeat Untruthful Misinformation And Support Science — a.k.a. UDUMASS. There’s also a phone number, 1-800-720-0622, that leads to “Santa’s Naughty or Nice Hotline.”

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