George Clooney recalls being held at gunpoint in Sub-Saharan Africa

George Clooney has revealed one of the most ‘hair raising’ moments of his life, his own words, describing the horrendous ordeal he found himself in while travelling.

The actor appeared at the premiere of mini-series Catch-22 alongside wife Amal this evening in London, as he told about the time he was held at gunpoint.

When asked what the most dangerous situation he had found himself in, he detailed one moment when he was pulled out of a truck while overseas.

‘I’ve spent a lot of time in Sub-Saharan Africa and pulled out of trucks with guys putting guns to your chest,’ he told us tonight on the red carpet, in a way too nonchalant way for the subject matter.

‘I’ve been in some funky spots.

‘We were trying to bring attention to South Sudan and stuff like that. It’s a small group of people and crazy stuff can happen.’

He continued: ‘There are a lot of those “oh well, this might be it”. That was part of life, of what you do.’

Clooney appeared on the photo wall alongside human rights lawyer Amal, wearing an all-black suit, while his wife sparkled in a silver, strapless dress.

He produced and partially-directed the adaptation of Joseph Heller’s namesake novel, set during the Second World War. The satirical dark comedy follows a US airman, John Yossarian  (played by Christopher Abbott) as he attempts to escape battle with little success.

The actor, who stars as Lieutenant Scheisskopf, spoke about the line between what is considered a joke nowadays, as they adapted the very un-PC (by modern standards) novel, first published in 1961.

Are there lines one cannot cross these days when it comes to comedy?

‘Probably there are some things that can’t be crossed and probably could that we’ve decided aren’t funny anymore,’ Clooney said of the six-part series set to hit Channel 4.

‘I think we used to think things were funny that probably aren’t…I was probably guilty of that 20-30 years ago myself.’

Catch-22 airs on Channel 4 soon.

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