Grey’s Anatomy sparks meltdown as fan-favourite makes brief return

Grey’s Anatomy: Chandra Wilson teases co-star return

ABC’s long-running medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy returned to screens this week with another gripping episode. 

The episode titled Gunpowder and Lead saw an escalation of the brutal threats Dr Miranda Bailey (played by Chandra Wilson) was receiving from pro-life protestors. 

She had opened a reproductive rights facility at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and had been teaching other doctors how to safely perform abortions. 

However, the hospital became subject to attacks from terror attacks from violent pro-lifers, they intentionally hit two doctors with a car; one of whom was pregnant.

Bailey had also been a victim of the attacks as she was doxxed with flyers distributing her name, phone number, home address, and photo, with the phrase “Baby Killer”.

Thankfully for her, she had supportive friends and co-workers who came to her rescue. 

In the most recent episode, Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) surprised Bailey with a visit after hearing about the “relentless” harassment. 

To counter the attacks Addison suggested all the doctors reach out to pro-life protestors and explain what Bailey has done at the women’s clinic as well as her strengths as a doctor and teacher. 

All the doctors got on board and began making calls immediately, but as Addison loaded several boxes of new supplies into the vehicle she saw a note from Christina Yang (Sandra Oh). 

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The message read: “This should keep you in business for a while. Keep fighting. Yang.”

This sent fans into meltdown as Christina Yang left Seattle in season 10 to work in Switzerland. 

Many were filled with excitement as they rushed to social media with a thrill and demanded her return to the hospital 


A second viewer @artkimraver wrote: “Addison reading a letter from Yang I’M NOT OKAY.”

An emotional @StevenLNichols2 added: “Not Yang sending Addison supplies. I’m not crying, you’re crying.”

In disbelief, @SwiftlyEmmy shared: “YANG?!?! MENTIONING CRISTINA YANG IN THIS GREYS SEASON?!?! break my heart for the whole episode and then THIS.”

@defjaes_ pleaded: “Bring Christina Yang back on the show I’m so serious.”

As @Melaninqueen202 anticipated: “YANG ??? They mentioned Yang and we currently need a head of cardio.” (sic)

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 continues Thursdays on ABC in the USA and on Disney+ in the UK. 

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