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HAPPY Valley fans left reeling after a shocking twist which saw Tommy Lee Royce escape from prison are now convinced they know how the story will end.

During the latest episode of the show, Ryan (Rhys Connah) went to court in Leeds to watch Tommy's sentencing, unaware this grandad was also going to see if it would throw up any more information for his journalistic investigation.

With Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) still not on speaking terms with Clare (Siobhan Finneran), a one-off phone call left her wondering whether Tommy (James Norton) had a plan to escape from the jail when Clare told her he had said to Ryan they could go 'bungee-jumping' one day.

An increasingly paranoid Catherine informed her superiors of her suspicion but it seemed to be put to bed when Tommy arrived at the court without any hitches.

Tommy had been facing an additional sentence after Catherine discovered the body of Gary Gaggowski whose murder Tommy had involvement in.

But it was not long until chaos erupted and Tommy was quick to bust out of court thanks to a distraction put in place by the mysterious Knezevics.

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This now marks the first time that Tommy has been free on the streets since the conclusion of the first series nine years ago where he almost killed himself and Ryan on a boat whilst on the run from Police for the abduction and rape of Ann Gallagher, the attempted murder of Catherine, the murder of Kirstin McAskill and the murders of Lewis Whippey and his pal.

Now fans have been left fearing that with just two episodes remaining that an inevitable showdown between Catherine and Tommy is coming with some predicting it will be the end for one or both of them.

Writing on Twitter, one fan said:  "Catherine will end up injured/dead cos she goes after Ryan and Tommy and Tommy naturally fights back."

Another added their thoughts, saying: "Sadly I think she's going to die protecting Ryan but will kill Tommy in the process."

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A third shared: "I’m calling it: I think Tommy attempts to kill Catherine, but Ryan somehow kills him, whilst saving her."

With a fourth suggesting: "#Happyvalley Calling it now.. That retirement collection pot will be used at her funeral. Her and Tommy both getting killed off in the last episode."

Fans have thrown praise at James Norton for his portrayal of the 'perfect villain'.

One fan said: "Cracking ending to tonight's #HappyValley Tommy Lee Royce is one of the most frightening, cocksure, loathsome & yet sexy villains I've ever seen on TV. A brilliant mix of suspense, horror & humour. Perfection."

While another penned: "Tommy Lee Royce is one of the greatest TV villains of all time oh lord."

Happy Valley next airs Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. All episodes so far as well as series 1 and 2 are available on BBC iPlayer.

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