Happy Valley fans ‘work out’ reason Tommy is learning Spanish

Happy Valley: Sarah Lancashire stars in season three trailer

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The opening episode of the new series of Happy Valley saw Catherine Cawood (played by Sarah Lancashire) discovering the remains of a gangland murder victim. However, things took an unexpected turn for the police officer when she discovered her grandson Ryan (Rhys Connah) had been secretly writing letters to his dad Tommy Lee Royce, (James Norton) in prison.

It also later emerged someone was helping Ryan to visit his villain father.

At the end of the episode, Catherine was informed Ryan had been accompanied by a mystery “man or woman”.

Eagle-eyed fans have been taking to Twitter to share their theories about the latest series.

Many think they have worked out who Tommy is working with on the outside, while others seem to know why he is learning Spanish in prison.

Leah penned: “Omg theory…Tommy and Ryan planning to escape to Spain and that’s why Tommy is learning Spanish?????? Am I onto something here?!??”

Mark Judge replied: “Ryan PE teacher’s wife is somehow linked to Tommy Lee Royce which is why he called him a s**t stain.”

Another fan also took to Reddit to share their own “wild theory”.

User BossStannis said: “The visits with Ryan were gangsters who were using Ryan to threaten Tommy so that they can remove competition in Oldham.

“Tommy may have been there but the gangster bros (Teflon) are using him to remove a rival by getting Tommy to be a witness to an old murder and pin it on someone.

“This is why he was speaking about the murder to randoms eg Chaplin because he was laying the groundwork before the body was found. What do you think?”

Fellow Redditor Ok-Ask5533 agreed: “Ooh interesting.

“I feel like the fact he is learning Spanish is significant. I wondered if he’s somehow plotting to escape and take Ryan to Spain?!”

“Somehow plotting to escape and take Ryan to Spain?! F**k, I didn’t think of that. I hope not,” Fitterer replied.

The second instalment of the BBC drama will return this weekend, but will Catherine find out who has been helping Ryan?

The police officer will do anything to protect her loved ones, but how far will she go to stop Ryan from having a relationship with Tommy?

In a recent interview with Express.co.uk and other press, the actor who plays Tommy opened up about his role.

James Norton recounted a couple of occasions where he was mistaken for the evil Tommy.

He said: “It has happened. It happened in the first series. A lady came up to me in my local area and grabbed me by my shirt, shouting, ‘You’re a monster!’”

“I woke up and was like, ‘I don’t know you,” he went on to add admitting the moment left him confused.

Happy Valley returns on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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