Happy Valley’s Clare Cawood star ‘nervous wreck’ on set

Happy Valley: Sarah Lancashire stars in season three trailer

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The popular BBC drama first started in 2014 and has kept viewers entertained for nearly a decade. However, this year, Happy Valley fans will be saying farewell to their favourite characters as the final series is underway.

Over the course of the last six episodes, fans will get to see the story between Sergeant Catherine Cawood and her nemesis Tommy Lee Royce (James Nortom) come to a conclusion.

The third series starts with the police officer discovering the remains of a gangland murder victim who was found in a drained reservoir.

Sparking a chain of events, it ultimately leads back to Tommy, the man who raped her late daughter and the father of her grandchild Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah).

Now 16 years old, Ryan has his own ideas on the relationship he wants to have with his estranged father, leaving Catherine’s sister Clare [Siobhan Finneran] caught in the middle.

Starring in the series from the start, actress Siobhan Finneran has played a part in displaying the strong relationship between Clare and Catherine.

Speaking about the new series, the 56-year-old revealed her character is much more settled than what viewers are used to seeing as she’s now moved in with her boyfriend Neil (Con O’Neill)

The actress said: “She’s now moved out of the house that she shared with Catherine. But she’s still there a lot of the time because they kinda have the care of Ryan.

“Clare’s in a good place this time around, I think the second series we saw her and she’d fallen off the wagon but that’s not happened for some time, as far as we know.”

Touching on her first day on set back in 2014, the actress confessed she was extremely nervous.

She recalled: “My first day of filming on Series one was in the mission – Clare answering a call from Catherine.

“I think Clare was preparing a sandwich but I can’t remember what the conversation was about. I will have been a nervous wreck, I always am day one of a job.

Along with the final series focusing on the deep-rooted rift between Tommy and Catherine, viewers will also see a local pharmacist in another part of the valley get in over his head when a neighbour is arrested.

Although details on how the story will come to an end is being kept tightly under wraps, executive producer Will Johnston revealed that Sarah Lancashire played a big role in how Catherine’s story concluded.

He said: “It’s sort of to be worked out together and Sally – as singular as she is as a writer and as a director – is also a massive collaborator.”

Johnston went on to say: “I don’t know anybody who leans on research relationships – the two police advisors, for example, we have on this series – in quite the same way as Sally.

“She’s incredibly meticulous, trusting and interested in authentically representing what it’s like.”

Fans have waited six years to catch up with the cast of Happy Valley as series three will centre heavily on Catherine’s grandson and the character needed a substantial amount of time to grow up.

Writer Sally Wainwright revealed that Ryan needed to become a teenager in order for the next chapter to begin.

In the next episode of Happy Valley, set to air on January 15, Catherine will confront her sister and gives her grandson an ultimatum.

Happy Valley continues Sundays on BBC One at 9pm.

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