Harry and Meghan hiding a secret during family interview with William and Kate

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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looked to be "hiding a secret" when they were asked about family disagreements while sat alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton.

    The first three episodes of the highly anticipated series Harry & Meghan dropped on the streaming service on Thursday (December 8) and fans can now hear as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex share "their story".

    In the third episode, which followed the couple after they got engaged and the build up to their wedding, they attended their first annual Royal Foundation Forum on February 28 2018.

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    During the chat, Tina Daheley questioned whether they had any family disagreements as they constantly work alongside each other.

    The host was met with laughs by Prince William before he chimed: "Oh yes…," before Harry insisted: "Healthy disagreements!"

    "The last thing you disagreed on, how did you resolve it?," asked Tina.

    As they all glanced around at each other, Harry joked: "I can't remember. They all come so thick and fast!"

    "But is it resolved? We don't know," added William, 40.

    Now, celebrity body language expert Inbaal Honigman has explained what she thinks after analysing the moment on the Netflix documentary.

    She said: "When there's a mention of disagreements – both Harry and Meghan look down, as if they're hiding a secret.

    "Their smiles are reserved. They're not being open, perhaps having already decided that they won't live this way for much longer."

    The expert continued: "William and Kate keep their heads up and smile broadly, hiding nothing."

    She added: "Meghan is reaching out to touch Harry. When he doesn't reciprocate, she plays with her hair. This shows us that she is uneasy in that moment and looking for reassurance."

    Meghan sparked controversy during the event after mentioning the MeToo movement which a reporter recognised was "the first time anyone associated with the royal family" had spoken about one of those campaigns.

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