Holly Willoughby backs co-presenter Phillip Schofield saying: "I can’t imagine This Morning without him!"

Dancing On Ice is back on our screens, presented – as ever – by the brilliant twosome of Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. The pair have a unique bond and chemistry, something Holly is eager to talk about.

The duo have worked together on ITV1’s ice skating show – and This Morning – for some 13 years now, yet still love presenting together.

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“We’ve always said from the beginning that if either of us left then we wouldn’t want to do it as I can’t imagine This Morning without Phil. It’s us together.”

Holly’s comments come as a real public show of support after recent criticisms towards Phil from some of his other co-hosts have left many viewers wondering how Phil and Holly get along behind the scenes.

She goes on: “Even if I had dreamt the best possible outcome, I would never have expected this. Dancing On Ice was the first time we worked together. I had just come from kids’ telly. Dancing On Ice was the first grown-up telly I had ever done.”

Holly’s silver fox of a co-host agrees that they pair have a special on and off-screen bond and knows what’s behind it… “I think at the same speed [as her] and have the same sense of humour,” he says.

Dancing on Ice was Holly’s first real ‘break’ on primetime TV. She’d been on ITV for a few years as a presenter on kids’ programmes like SM:TV, but the ice skating show was her first ‘proper’ telly gig. She was, understandably, rather nervous to begin with.

“It was such a blur,” Holly admits. “It was so huge. It was primetime and I was next to Phillip Schofield. It was terrifying! I can’t remember any of the show apart from getting through it. I’d probably cringe to watch it now!”

This Morning, Dancing on Ice, Celebrity Juice… Ms. Willoughby has plenty of jobs. Her favourite, though? Easy. Being a mum.

“I do feel very lucky that I’ve been blessed with three lovely children and that I look forward to going to work, because I know a lot of people don’t feel like that. If I’m going to get up and leave the kids in the morning then it has to be for something I care about, or feel passionately about – and I’m lucky to be able to do that.”

On this series of Dancing on Ice, Matt Evers and Ian H Watkins make up the very first same-sex pairing that the show (and others like it) have ever seen. It’s something that Holly is particularly pleased about.

“I think it symbolises how far we’ve come. A primetime show has a same sex couple skating together and why shouldn’t they? It should have happened a long time ago. So I’m very proud of Dancing On Ice.”

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