How many episodes are in Silent Witness series 25?

Silent Witness: BBC release trailer for new series

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Series 25 of crime drama Silent Witness will be airing this evening (May 23) on BBC One at 9pm. Fans can expect callbacks to previous series and a familiar face popping up in the show as it marks 25 years on screens. takes a look at the new season and the episode count.

How many episodes are in Silent Witness series 25?

There will only be six episodes in series 25, making it one of the shortest runs to date – apart from seasons four and five which consisted of the same number.

Previous series of Silent Witness have typically been eight or 10 episodes long with two-episode story arcs.

Series 25 appears to be breaking from convention somewhat with not only a shorter run but an arc spanning across the entire season titled History.

However, fans will be getting their usual double dose of Silent Witness each week with episodes broadcast on consecutive nights.

Here is a list of episodes from Silent Witness series 25:

History part 1 – Monday, May 23

History part 2 – Tuesday, May 24

History part 3 – Monday, May 30

History part 4 – Tuesday, May 31

History part 5 – Monday, June 6

History part 6, Tuesday, June 7

The first two episodes of the series focus on Sam Ryan (played by Amanda Burton) reaching out to the Lyell nearly 17 years after she left.

Sam asks Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and the team for help after the health secretary and her husband is killed as she hopes to bring in a new health care company.

However, nothing is as it seems as Dr Nikki, Jack Hodgson (David Caves) and Simone Tyler (Genesis Lynea) find themselves caught up in duplicity and betrayal, which could threaten to undermine the Lyell altogether as DNA evidence is called into question.

The team will also be faced to confront their past with personal histories surfacing which could affect their present.

Speaking about reprising her role as Ryan, actress Burton described it as something of a “shock” to come back and was “very surprised”.

Burton said: “I just thought, ‘What a great idea! How brilliant that they’re thinking of doing that!’ I thought the storyline was quite bold and I really liked that.”

She went on to say: “After meeting the producers, I just loved what they were thinking for Sam, I was very much on their wavelength. It was such an attractive idea and I would have been absolutely mad not to do it!”

The star teased her character’s development in the new series: “I really love the fact that you’re left slightly wondering whether she’s gone over to the other side. Is she going to take the devil’s shilling or is she as self-righteous as she used to be?”

Burton added: “I just hope audiences really get a kick out of watching her again.”

But Silent Witness fans should savour Burton’s turn as the star confirmed she didn’t have plans to make a permanent comeback to the show.

She said the 25th anniversary would be the last time audiences would see her as Ryan.

The star said she had to come back, telling the Radio Times she would “regret” it if she didn’t appear again.

Silent Witness first started airing back in 1996 with Burton playing the meticulous pathologist Ryan, before her departure in 2004 after 54 episodes.

Actress Fox first appeared in series eight before taking on the lead in 2004 and has been with the show ever since.

To date, there have been over 200 episodes of Silent Witness during its 25-year run.

The drama has been graced by the likes of Idris Elba, Jodie Comer, Benedict Cumberbatch, Emily Mortimer, Daniel Kaluuya, Daisy Ridley, and Martin Compston, among many others.

Silent Witness airs on BBC One tonight at 9pm

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