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COUPLES in the Dales have received backlash over the years, with Victoria Sugden and Jacob Gallagher being the newest under fire.

The pair have given into temptation in recent Emmerdale scenes but are they really that far apart in age? Here's what we found out.

What happened between Victoria Sugden and Jacob Gallagher in Emmerdale?

The Hide chef portrayed by Isabel Hodgins left her former partner David Metcalfe a heartbroken man when she refused to work on their relationship after he threw her under the bus for a fine he had received.

Since then, Victoria has been left mostly out of the spotlight as she remained focused on herself and her life with her young son Harry.

Unfortunately, she was catapulted back into drama when David's son Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) had an allergic reaction while tasting a meal she had cooked.

Jacob has a severe nut allergy and was taken to hospital when Victoria dish had traces of nuts.

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This brought trouble straight to her as, despite the accidental nature of the event, Jacob's mother Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) wanted revenge on Victoria for endangering his life.

Victoria was temporarily pushed out of her job but David (Matthew Wolfenden) stepped in to help.

She paid Jacob a visit in hospital, worried about his fate, but was reassured to see him getting back on his feet.

However, her relief soon turned to shock as Jacob made it clear he had been harbouring romantic feelings for her.

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Victoria rushed out of the hospital, stunned by the confession, but when Jacob confronted her later on, she admitted she may need him to kiss her in order to make up her mind about her own feelings.

But it wasn't until Tuesday, October 24, 2023, that they finally gave into temptation and passionately kissed a first time outside The Hide.

Victoria later backtracked but when Jacob walked into her home demanding to know how she felt, she revealed she didn't want him to leave and it was implied the pair jumped into bed together.

How old are Victoria and Jacob in Emmerdale and what is their age gap?

The romance has caused a stir on social media as fans of the Yorkshire-based drama shared their disapproval due to Victoria and Jacob's age difference.

But how old are they exactly and is their age gap really that big?

The answer may shock some Emmerdale fans as, we've discovered, Jacob and Victoria are not that far apart in age, in contrast with other couples that have been seen roaming around the village over the years.

Jacob Gallagher was born on February 28, 2003, meaning he celebrated his 20th birthday earlier this year.

As a result, Jacob can be considered a full-fledged consenting adult, although his teen years have only recently ended.

Victoria Sugden, on the other hand, was born nine years before Jacob, on March 31, 1994, making her 29 years old.

Less than a decade separates them and, as mentioned above, many other characters have had worse age gap love affairs in Emmerdale – Victoria and David Metcalfe included.


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How old is David Metcalfe in Emmerdale?

Viewers have had a tendency to target Victoria as of late due to her choice to give Jacob hope.

However, did they ever give David a similar treatment when he chased after her or Tracy Shankley, who he ended up marrying and being unfaithful to despite their eight-year age gap?

The shopkeeper was born on November 27, 1981, meaning he will celebrate his 43rd birthday in a matter of weeks.

This also means he shares a 14-year age difference with Victoria Sugden.

When they first began to bond, in 2021, Victoria was 27 years old while David was already in his early forties.

While the age difference between her and Jacob is heavily contested by viewers who seem to have forgotten David's penchant for much younger women, Victoria is also criticised for developing feelings for her former boyfriend's son, regardless of their respective ages.

Although the connection may be deemed strange, Victoria and Jacob are still within their rights to give love a chance.

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But how will David react to it?

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