How Rita Ora’s 'girl next door' charm makes her irresistible to swooning stars, from Brooklyn Beckham to Rob Kardashian

SHE'S enjoyed high profile relationships with reality stars, musicians and actors – as well as being linked to a string of other huge names.

From a long-term romance with Calvin Harris, to flings with everyone from Rob Kardashian to Brooklyn Beckham and Bruno Mars, some of the biggest stars in showbiz have fallen head over heels for Rita Ora.

And now The Sun has revealed the singer is dating music video director Romain Gavras, 39 – with sources claiming they've been an item for four months.

So what is it about Rita that draws some of the biggest names in showbiz to her?

Experts have revealed a combination of stunning aesthetics, a bold style, her "down to earth" nature and her incredible business success make her irresistible.

Rita herself previously told Jonathan Ross she loves "really hard" in relationships – and, for her, a good personality and great attire top her list of attributes in a partner.

Here experts reveal how the singer has attracted a stream of high profile stars over the years…

'She doesn't tolerate bad behaviour or being treated as second best'

She's known for her confidence both on and off social media, regularly posting both sultry and fun, natural shots online.

And it's Rita's fun and creative side in particular that dating coach & relationship expert James Preece says proves a winner for many love interests.

"Rita is a fantastic combination of creativity, fun, sexiness and intelligence," he tells Sun Online.

"As cute as she is, it's her energy that men are attracted to. She doesn't care what people think about her and lives life the way she wants.

"She's not afraid to try new things and reinvents herself frequently. It's this attitude and desire to make the most of life that hooks men in to want to share it with her.

"There's also something of the 'girl next door' about her that makes her both gorgeous and more down to earth than other celebrities."

He adds: "Some men have been intimated by her confidence so she makes it very clear that if that puts them off, she's not going to stay with them.

"If she breaks up with someone then there's no going back… She doesn't tolerate bad behaviour or being treated as second best."

'Attractive' face shape & 'youthful' features

Of course, while Rita says personality is the main thing for her when it comes to a relationship, she's also known for her stunning looks too.

And aesthetics doctor and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Lucy Glancey, says a combination of a natural symmetrical face, plump lips and youthful features give her a striking appearance.

She says: “Rita is lucky to have an oval face shape which is thought by many to be one of the most attractive… Rita’s face is almost perfectly symmetrical.

“She has high eyebrows which are a sign of youthfulness and also frame the face making her eyes appear more youthful.

“Lastly Rita’s lips from are perfect. She has a defined Cupid’s bow which is highly desirable and just the right amount of plumpness across her top and bottom lips."

'She’s aspirational, inspirational, and honest'

However, one of Rita's most defining characteristics is her incredibly successful career – which, according to brand and popular culture expert Nick Ede, is down to her personality and drive.

He says: "What is so great about Rita is that she built herself up as a brand…

"The moment that she had difficulty with her music and the rights, due to Calvin Harris stopping her music, she managed to look at other revenue avenues…

“She created a powerful cross over brand in herself and has cleverly utilised this to her advantage."

Indeed, from ambassador roles for various brands, to being the face of Rimmel London, DKNY, Calvin Klein, and more, she's got several strings to her bow.

Nick adds: “The reason she does so well lies in the fact that she still has an air or mystery about her and she also hasn’t created any long lasting scandal.

"She’s aspirational, inspirational, loves her mum and is kind and also honest – all these attributes make her a compelling and exciting proposition for any brand and a ubiquitous star that will shine for a long time."

Meanwhile, Kubi Springer, branding expert and founder of She Builds Brands, adds that her business success is down to her "persistence and consistency".

Kubi says: "As demonstrated earlier in her career when she sat outside Universal Music Group at age 15 giving out her music to executives.

"This determination and ability to not take a ‘no’ built the character needed to become a successful businesswoman."

'Her eye-catching fashion choices make her stand out'

Many fans have come to love Rita's bold fashion choices, both on and off the red carpet, with the singer regularly seen in vibrant colours and daring ensembles.

And it seems the same can be said for her exes.

Stylist Susie Hasler, who runs Styled By Susie, says: "Rita is a fashion icon. Thousands of women (myself included) get their own style inspiration from her.

"Rita always wears really vibrant colours that work really well for her skin tone. She never feels the need to follow the crowd. She's strong enough to wear exactly what she wants to wear – and always looks incredible.

"When it comes to Rita, because she knows her own mind – and her eye-catching outfit choices reflect that – it makes her stand out.

"It's all about dressing for yourself and by doing so and being authentic to her own style, it makes her incredibly attractive to both men and women."

Here's a look at the famous stars Rita Ora has been linked to in the past…

Bruno Mars – 2009

While they're two hugely famous stars now, Rita actually dated Bruno Mars, 34, before they were famous in 2009.

She previously told German magazine Bravo of the musician, 34: “It was love at first sight, such a great experience."

Rob Kardashian – 2012

They might not have gone the distance, but reality star Rob Kardashian, 33,dated Rita briefly 2012.

Sadly they split shortly after however when he accused her of cheating on him. The pair appeared to make amends later however, as she congratulated him when he welcomed his daughter Dream.

ASAP Rocky – 2012

While they never officially went public, Rita and rapper ASAP Rocky, 31, were first linked in 2012.

And three years later, Rocky sparked outrage when he released his single Better Things, which appeared to reference a fling with the singer.

He later defended the song, and told the BBC: "I'm just saying that when I was in a relationship and I did things with her that I wasn't supposed to do, she had a big mouth."

Drake – 2012

Rita and Drake, 33, are said to have grown close after he wrote her hit single R.I.P. and she supported him on tour in 2012 – with the pair even claimed to have been seen kissing backstage at one point.

A source told The Sun at the time: “Rita and Drake have been good friends for a while now but things seemed more serious this week."

Cara Delevingne – 2013

They've been friends for years, but Rita and model Cara Delevingne, 27, were practically inseparable a few years ago – even sparking rumours they may have had a brief romance.

In a chat in February 2013, Rita opened up about their friendship and said: “She’s officially mine. She’s, like, untouchable. I’ve taken her off the market. We call each other ‘wifey’."

Evan Ross – 2013

There were hopes of a big showbiz romance in 2013 when Rita was reportedly spotted kissing Diana Ross' musician and actor son Evan, 31, at a party in New York – although they never confirmed it.

An eye witness claimed to the New York Post newspaper: “They were so into each other. They took a lingering, passionate kiss.”

James Arthur – 2013

James Arthur, 32, was first linked to the Hot Right Now hitmaker in early 2013 after winning ITV's X Factor.

And he later confirmed the romance in 2016, telling the Evening Standard: "Me and Rita were seeing each other on-and-off for a few months."

Dave Gardner – 2013

Rita was connected to David Beckham's best friend, football agent Dave Gardner, 43, from February to May 2013.

Dave – who is now with actress Liv Taylor – and Rita have remained friends ever since, with Rita attending his 40th birthday party in 2016 where Becks was also a guest.

Calvin Harris – 2013-2014

In one of her longer-term relationships, Rita enjoyed a relationship with DJ Calvin Harris, 36, from May 2013 to June 2014.

While they made a series of very loved-up appearances at events at the time, they later clashed following their split over the music they collaborated on together.

Justin Bieber – 2014

They were first linked in 2014, following Rita's split from Calvin, but Rita and Justin Bieber, 26, never publicly confirmed they were any more than friends.

The pair were later pictured together in 2016 on an outing with friends, appearing to signal they're good pals.

Ricky Hil – 2014-2015

In another longer-term relationship, Rita dated Tommy Hilfiger's son, Ricky Hil, for 13 months – with the pair splitting up in July 2015.

The romance got so serious in fact that rapper Ricky even moved into the Poison singer’s North London pad at the start of 2015, before their split.

Chris Brown – 2015

Chris Brown, 31, has been close to Rita for years, with the pair first sparking rumours of a close bond when they shared a hug at the MTV VMAs in 2014.

Then in 2015 they got very heated in their music video Body On Me, before Rita said of the singer: “I love him on different levels. I see how he treats his people and he’s a good person with a good heart and a lovely family."

Travis Barker – 2015

Rita was also linked to Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, 44, in 2015, with the pair said to be dating for several weeks.

However according to the Daily Mirror, Travis said shortly after: "I don't have that ­longing to be in a relationship 24/7."

Lewis Hamilton – 2016

Lewis, 35, and Rita never confirmed their relationship, but they were spotted together on numerous occasions.

They even enjoyed a secret sunshine break together in July 2016, while Rita was supposedly pictured leaving his apartment after spending the night together later that summer.

Tyrone Wood – 2017

The Sun revealed in July 2017 that Rita was dating Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood's son Tyrone.

A source said at the time: “Rita likes Tyrone because, unlike some of her exes, he’s a one-woman man and not fame-hungry." They are thought to have split shortly after however.

Brooklyn Beckham – 2017

One of Rita's most surprising rumoured flings came when it was claimed she'd exchanged flirty messages with David and Victoria Beckham's son Brooklyn, who was aged 18 at the time.

A friend of Posh told The Sun previously: “She made it clear she didn’t approve.”

Andrew Watt – 2017-2018

Rita was first linked to US rocker Andrew Watt in August 2017 when they were pictured leaving a New York City hotel together.

However, the pair opted to keep their romance as private as possible. Rita revealed they had split up in 2018 after 13 months together, in an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Andrew Garfield – 2018-2019

Rita was most recently known to have dated Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield, 36, with the pair getting together in November 2018.

However, they split just four months later, with a source close to the singer saying at the time: “Rita is cut up about the whole situation."

She later revealed she was putting her love life on hold after the split, and told The Sun: “I’ve found it’s too difficult to date someone.

"But if it’s too difficult, that really confirms it’s just not the right time. I get linked with every man I’m seen out with. But to be really honest with you, right now a relationship isn’t my main priority."

Could her new man be the one to steal her heart?

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