Human poo is in our rivers! Charlotte Church discusses fighting for humanity

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Charlotte, 35, joined Phillip Schofield, 59, and Holly Willoughby, 40, to address becoming an eco-warrior for her new documentary series. The singer-songwriter explained to the This Morning hosts the awful state of the UK’s rivers and how people needed to do more to save them. Speaking on the ITV show, the famous face also discussed how much she has learnt since undertaking her new role and what substances are inside the nation’s rivers, including human poo.

Phillip started the interview as he said: “Charlotte Church is using her voice for a very different reason as she fights to save one of Britain’s most important ecosystems.”

Holly added: “She’s been filming a new documentary which aims to show the shocking conditions of rivers across the UK.”

After introducing their guest, they said: “We were talking earlier on about the cleanliness of the rivers in Iceland and how beautiful they are to fish in, and how they were like how our rivers were 500 years ago because our rivers – and I didn’t realise – are in something of a state.

“All of English rivers have failed to meet quality tests amid concerns about the scale of sewage discharges and agricultural chemicals in the water system.

“The scale of water companies illegally discharging sewage is 10 times greater than the environment agency estimates. So this is what you’re doing, this is the world’s first live investigating online; who is polluting the rivers and how are they getting away with it?”

Charlotte replied: “It’s a really bad problem and really shocking; most people see their water source as something really quite precious.

“All part of the same system, we drink this water, our children drink this water, we wash in this water, but it’s a really shocking state of affairs.

“Every river in the country is polluted, the majority of the pollution is coming from farms – chicken and pig – and it’s all being illegally dumped into rivers.

“But even worse, there’s a lot of human waste going completely untreated straight into our rivers. A lot of the water companies are not doing what they should be doing, not doing what they’re tasked with doing, what they’re, by law, have to do and they are putting more sewage into our rivers.”

There’s a lot of human waste

Charlotte Church

Holly remarked: “It’s so good you’re highlighting this because until you know, it sounds so shocking you can’t believe it’s going on.”

Charlotte explained to the presenters: “It’s really crazy, they’re [rivers] such a huge part of our aesthetic in the UK.

“So many people are enjoying our rivers and they’re essential for a healthy ecosystem so the idea that people are releasing human poo into our rivers is just like ‘what? come again!’

“But you think in this day and age, will all the environmental protections, surely this can’t be happening, but it is.”

Towards the end of the interview, the mother-of-one also spoke about her daughter, who is now 11 months old.

As a mother-of-three herself, Holly said: “Of course you’ve got the baby as well, on top of all of that! So, so busy.”

The singer-songwriter replied: “Yes, absolutely, she’s delicious. Little miss Frida Simone. She’s almost 11-months now.

“She is, however, causing me some seriously sleepless nights now,” Charlotte explained to the presenters.

“Well, you’re looking good on it, let me tell you,” Holly remarked but when she has had some downtime, the mother-of-one has been basking in the Welsh seas.

Taking to her social media platforms, the singer-songwriter has been showcasing her mornings at the beach and getting into her swimming gear.

The term used for the hobby is Wild Swimming, where an individual takes to the seas, oceans, rivers, lakes and lochs for the purpose of exercise.

Those that take part are urged to be careful and not get pulled into the powerful currents of the water they are swimming in.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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