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MOST of us couldn't contemplate marrying a complete stranger, but 16 brave singles are about to do just that as the new series of Married at First Sight UK kicks off this weekend.

Here former bride Amy Christophers, who took part in the 'experiment' in 2021, lifts the lid on her experience and shares her take on this year's contestants…

MAFS hasn’t even started yet and I'm already hooked just from looking at this year’s line-up – I can't wait!

I'm going to be glued to my TV every night as I can tell there's going to be a lot of drama – the contestants are getting more and more extra each year. 

From the casts' videos I can tell there’s going to be loads of fall-outs, wife swapping and everything in between.

I can look forward to all that drama now I’m not in it and can just sit back, relax and watch it unfold.


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Having been on the show I do watch it through different eyes, as I know what’s really going on behind the cameras.

Whenever we were filming there’d be story producers staring at us and taking notes on their phones – I can imagine them now in the room with the couples, sitting there. I can't get them out of my head!

The SPs and camera guys often used to come round mine and my ex-husband Josh Christie’s flat while we’d be laughing and joking, and then start demanding we have a tense conversation.

They’d be like, 'Right, so obviously it kicked off last night. Can you sit down and talk about it now?' And then it would all become serious – it was very weird sometimes.

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For that reason I often wonder when we see a big row between a couple on-screen, whether they were actually laughing and joking before the cameras started rolling. 

Looking for love

The reason I went on MAFS in the first place really was to find love, unlike some people in last year’s series, and this year’s I expect.

What has anybody got out of doing MAFS? Brand deals. But I already had that beforehand.

I already had my blue tick, I was already on TV, I had my dream career. My life was tickety-boo. 

The only thing I didn't have was time to meet somebody – and then lockdown came, and I was stuck in Cornwall.

I thought, 'I'm not going to meet anyone here.' So I was like, I've got nothing to lose, I might as well.

As mine was the first series where they changed the format to make it more like the Australian version – MUCH more dramatic – none of us knew what we were in for when we signed up.

The reason I went on MAFS in the first place really was to find love, unlike some people in last year’s series, and this year’s I expect

I genuinely thought it was going to be like a little documentary on Channel 4 that nobody was going to watch, and thought I'd slip under the radar and just go back to my normal life.

If I had the opportunity to do the same experience without it being on TV, I would still say yes.

Once I'd signed the contract the producers told us what it would be like, but I'd never watched any Married At First Sight. So I was like, 'Cute, dinner parties sound amazing!'

But then, after watching the Australian version on the producers’ advice, I phoned them up the next day and said, 'I don't want to do this, it sounds really toxic.' 

They were like, 'Yeah, the Australian one is a lot, but the UK one is gonna be nothing like that. Don't worry. It's gonna be fine.' 

I honestly thought everyone would be really nice and we’d all just get on swimmingly, but then you meet all the other characters, and you're like f*****g hell, I was not expecting this at all. It was a bit wild.

Fame hungry

I think the contestants coming into the show now know what they're in for – it's like Love Island, they're trying to copy characters each year but be even more shocking.

I think it'll end up being a bit ridiculous – but that makes great telly.

I love how diverse the cast is this year – it’s amazing they have an amputee and a trans girl in Jay and Ella.

Channel 4 has always been really good on diversity. There are rarely gay couples on reality TV shows, and I was really proud to have been in the series that had its first same-sex marriage. 

On first appearances I'd say Jay and Ella are my two favourites; Jay seems proper funny and cool, somebody I would take down the pub and get drunk with. I just wanna be her mate.

After watching the Australian version on the producers’ advice, I phoned them up the next day and said, 'I don't want to do this, it sounds really toxic' 

And Ella seems like she’s going to cause some mayhem and I'm so here for it. Also she's a fellow West Country girl so she's got my support anyway.

I have loads of mutual friends with Peggy too – I love her, and will definitely be cheering her on!

When it comes to the men, Brad's my favourite – I'm here for the spirituality. 

But I think there are a few fame-hungry people in the lineup – one of my best friends dated Georges in college, and I know he’s already been on Celebs Go Dating.

He would do my head in, saying 'I’m so sexual' in his video on Instagram. That’s like a walking ick for me – although I would love to be proved wrong. 

Mixed bag

Everyone's due their fair shot at love, but these kind of shows are always going to have a mixed bag. 

You're always gonna get the genuine ones and the ones that are just there for fame – usually they end up as a couple, and that's when hearts get broken. 

I would’ve loved to have had the same experience of the experiment as Tayah and Adam from my series – who are still together with a child.

They were so lucky to have that, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed we'll see more love at first sight matches in this year’s series – as well as the wild cards that keep us glued to our seats.

I'll be watching the first episode with Jules Robinson from MAFS Australia, who I'm shooting the UK campaign with for her shapewear brand – and, whatever happens, I just want to wish all of this year’s cast good luck. 

If they're reading this, you've been through the hardest part – getting married to a complete stranger.


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Now you're going to be under the scrutiny of the public, so just remember to stay true to yourself.

And ignore the trolls – they'd never have the balls to marry a stranger, so sod 'em!

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