Iconic TV star hilariously paints This Mornings Holly and Josie – thats Ben Shephard

This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Josie Gibson have been left in fits of laughter at Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's portrait of them, as he joked that he had painted one of them as Ben Shephard.

Laurence is known for his work as an interior designer on TV shows such as Changing Rooms, but appeared on This Morning on Thursday, 28 September, to tell how he was getting back to his fine art roots with a painting exhibition.

And to show off his skills, Laurence kindly offered to paint a portrait of the presenters during his visit to the ITV show – leaving viewers stunned by the results.

Unveiling his portrait at the end of his interview, a surprised-looking Holly and Josie told him: "Oh my goodness, wow!"

He replied: "It's very early stages, maybe I should come back for the rest of the week and finish it off." Holly told him: "It's really nice," but Josie asked: "I love mine but could I get a little bit more hair?"

Laurence, who admitted he "hadn't done portraits for a long time", painted the two presenters' faces in shades of orange.

He said to Josie: "What you could do is get yourself a pair of sharp scissors and cut it down the middle, or you could borrow it – you could have it Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and then Holly."

He added: "You're both too improbably pretty, it looks like it's fake because you're so pretty."

But while Josie said: "You're so charming!," Laurence joked: "The one on the left is Ben Shephard, by the way."

Josie and Holly burst out laughing at the joke about Holly's co-star who made his This Morning debut earlier in the week, but some viewers were also amused for other reasons.

Commenting on the orange-toned painting, one viewer wrote: "That's some suntan." Someone else added: "Painted them when they were 4ft from the surface of the sun."

Not all of the show's viewers were impressed by Laurence's talents, as one person wrote: "That looks nowt like either of them." Someone else joked: "Josie and Holly will be scrapping over who gets to keep it." Another viewer commented: "Stick to painting living room walls Laurence."

Laurence also revealed a funny anecdote about his time on Changing Rooms, the home makeover show famous for its outlandish designs that did not always go down well with guests.

Holly reminded him that he sometimes painted original artworks for the homeowners to decorate their rooms during the series.

But Laurence admitted: "That was when I knew the scheme was looking pretty wrong. If I knew it was going to be one of those that people didn't like, I'd think, 'well at least if I did a painting they could get a couple of quid for that on eBay' and it always worked."

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