Inside Dwight Yorke’s lavish jet-set life after abandoning Harvey Price, facing bankruptcy and relocating to Dubai

KATIE Price’s eldest son Harvey has seen many father figures come and go over the years, including Peter Andre and Kieran Hayler.

But the 19-year-old hasn’t spoken to his biological father Dwight Yorke, 49, since 2012, on his tenth birthday – when the former footballer said he wanted nothing to do with Harvey or 43-year-old Katie.

This week it was revealed that Katie's mum Amy slammed the former pro footballer for disowning his son Harvey, saying: "It’s about time he took some responsibility."

Katie and Dwight briefly dated in 2001, but he broke up with her shortly after she fell pregnant.

And the former glamour model has repeatedly slammed her ex for not seeing their disabled son saying: "Personally, I think he is scared of seeing Harvey…Dwight should try."

In 2009, Dwight insisted a “combination of things” meant he was not able to see Harvey – who suffers with Prader-Willi Syndrome, autism and blindness.

Despite his self-professed “hectic schedule”, Dwight has managed to fit in time to fly around the world to many places including Singapore and the Maldives, in the years he hasn't seen his son.

As sports ambassador for Trinidad & Tobago, Dwight is now worth £18.3million and has a diplomatic passport, meaning he gets special privileges.

The former Manchester United player spent lockdown in Dubai and regularly flaunts his luxury trips and private planes on Instagram, as well as the A-list stars he meets along the way.

And this is all despite the fact he faced bankruptcy in 2018.

While Katie looks after Harvey, we take a look at what Dwight is up to…

First-class globetrotting and celeb pals

Dwight is rarely in the UK. He spent Christmas 2019 in Dubai with friends before jetting to the Maldives for a sunny holiday with his mate, cricket legend and fellow T&T ambassador, Brian Lara.

His flight to Dubai was on a private jet, complete with lie-flat double beds, and he even gave fans a video tour of his luxurious ride.

His destinations list over 2019 included trips to Hawaii, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Turkey and the Caribbean.

Then he spent the coronavirus lockdown in Dubai, where he was seen playing golf with his friends and having fun on a scooter.

Along with a video, he wrote: “Bit of fun before the game today #LifeInDubai.”

Harvey in hospital

While he was sunning himself in Dubai, son Harvey was in hospital – and he still didn’t contact Katie.

In Katie’s new book, Harvey and Me, Katie’s mum Amy claims his agent got in contact with the family instead.

She wrote: "I think it’s sad that Dwight isn’t in Harvey’s life.

"His agent has always been in contact with me. If Harvey isn’t well, she’ll message me and ask how he is. But Dwight never asks himself."

She went on to blast him for not reaching out himself, after previously having a “good relationship”.

Amy continued: "It's such a shame. In 2020, Harvey was hospitalised and was really poorly in intensive care. Dwight’s agent rang me and asked how bad he was.

"I said, ‘Look, this has got to stop now. If Dwight wants to know about Harvey, he’s got our number and he should ring us himself.’ He shouldn’t be going through his agent. It’s about time he took some responsibility.

"But we’ve heard nothing from Dwight, which is a shame. Harvey is also missing out on a relationship with his brother, as Dwight has another son. 

“It really is such a shame because we always had a good relationship with Dwight."

Junior met Harvey's half-brother

In fact, Katie’s children who she shares with ex-husband Peter Andre, Junior, 16, and Princess, 14, have actually had more contact with Harvey’s half-brother and estranged family than Dwight.

In her new book, Katie revealed: “Along with my other children, Harvey is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

"It's just a shame Dwight doesn't feel the same way.

“I’ve even tried to reach out to his ex, Naomi Smith, who has a 14-year-old son with Dwight called Brandon Tiger, who I believe Dwight sees on a regular basis.

“I’d really like Harvey to meet his half-brother. Ironically, Junior and Princess have actually met him."

She added: "They were in Cyprus on holiday with their dad years ago and they ended up bumping into Naomi. How random is that?

"She went over to the table to introduce herself and apparently Junior cried his eyes out because he couldn’t get over the fact he looked so much like Harvey, but obviously smaller."

A-list friends from Ronaldo to Idris Elba

As well as sharing snaps from his regular trips to fabulous destinations, Dwight often rubs shoulders with other celebs.

His Instagram feed is full of snaps with stars including Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, Idris Elba and Cristiano Ronaldo.

On meeting Luther star Idris, he wrote: “Great host and one of the biggest British actors.”

And when he met Michael, he shared: “Hollywood royalty @michaelkirkdouglas. A legend of the stage and screen.”

Company worth just £2

But Dwight didn't have such a luxury lifestyle a few years ago.

Just as Katie was declared bankrupt in 2018, Dwight also faced an insolvency hearing two weeks later.

At the time, a source told The Sun: “Katie and Dwight may be more similar than they think they are, what with them both blowing their fortunes.

“Dwight’s been desperately trying to get his finances back on track over the past year as his company’s assets dwindled to just £2.

“He even sold the Cheshire mansion he used to share with Katie. He got £2.25million last year but that clearly hasn’t helped.

“When you think of how successful Dwight was as a player, it is really quite difficult to believe it has come to this.”

By the end of the year, however, Dwight avoided bankruptcy, as he paid back the £1.5million he owed.

'Loves' Harvey

While he hasn't been there for Harvey for a long time, Dwight, who initially said he may not be Harvey's dad, insisted he loves his son.

Speaking about his relationship with Harvey in his own 2009 autobiography, Born To Score, he said: "From the moment I set eyes on the little fella, I have loved my son like I could never ever have imagined possible.

"I am not going to hear any more that I did not care for Harvey, or have any understanding of his needs or that I was not interested in his welfare."

After a paternity test in 2002, Dwight publicly acknowledged Harvey as his son.

Referring to Katie's first husband, singer Peter, Dwight said: "Over the years I have heard Katie saying how Andre is Harvey's dad and what a terrible, uncaring father I have been, all of which sticks in my throat.

"Maybe if she had not made life so difficult for me, might have been able to take a far more proactive role."

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