IT Chapter Two run time: How long is new Stephen King movie? Does Pennywise return?

In IT Chapter Two, The Losers Club is back as the task to take down Pennywise the dancing clown is more crucial than ever. Fans have had the chance to see the movie since the early hours of this morning. But how long is IT Chapter Two itself?

What is the running time of IT Chapter Two?

IT Chapter Two is pretty long, running at two hours and 50 minutes.

This comes in at 25 minutes longer than the first film, IT, which was released in 2017.

Strangely enough, IT Chapter Two is only slightly longer than its 1990 predecessor, a miniseries which covered the entire book in three hours and 12 minutes.

This means the series was ultimately shorter than both films combined, despite including more of the book’s plot across its episodes.

Does Pennywise the dancing clown return?


Yes! Pennywise is back to devour the children of Derry, which sparks the return of the Losers Club.

In the new film, the group are all called back to Derry to fight Pennywise, who has returned and is back to his old tricks again.

As trailers for the film have shown, Pennywise uses newer and scarier methods to terrorise the Losers Club, despite telling them in a chilling moment how he has “dreamt” of them since they left.

Of course, Pennywise’s power means they barely remember their childhood traumas away from Derry, only remembering him when they are forced to return, and discover how affected they have been without even realising.

They all encounter him in Derry as they try to retrace their steps and find tokens from their memories to beat him, but his shapeshifting ways has become far more sophisticated over the years.

Will they be able to defeat him and finally live their lives in peace?

IT Chapter Two is in cinemas now

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