ITV issues apology to fuming fans for tech blunder during Euros semi-final

A number of viewers watching Wednesday's match between England and Denmark sadly had a bit of a bumpy ride with their picture and coverage.

England were the eventual winners of the incredibly tense game but for those watching the match on Apple TV the stress of the game was a little more enhanced by technical issues, reports Daily Express.

With so many people watching TV and shows through the internet these days, most have experienced the frustrations when a programme won't buffer or the connection to the WiFi is week.

However when the programme is the once in a life time opportunity to see your beloved England in Euro 2020 semi-finals at Wembley it's not hard to understand why some viewers were raging.

ITV were forced to apologise for the problems that some of its viewers were experiencing during the match.

ITV Hub tweeted: “Unfortunately we're experiencing issues with Apple TV. Please bear with us while we fix this. Apologies for any inconvenience.”

One fan raged: “Absolutely garbage. Already bad enough with low-quality streams and now the app keeps crashing out. Shouldn’t be allowed to have the rights to the football as you’re doing it a disservice.”

Another penned: “What kind of shocking coding is behind this app that it crashes with the slightest problem with the video stream!? It’s an absolute embarrassment for ITV and its advertisers should be having words with them.”

A third wrote: “Everything everyone else is saying… What a complete shambles, ITV should not be allowed the rights to these major comps when their tech is clearly not up to the job.

“This is unforgivable,” a fourth commented. “And forcing us to watch ads before reconnecting, only to drop out again in seconds? Criminal.”

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