ITV makes huge change to streaming services – and it kicks in TODAY | The Sun

ITV HAS made a huge change to its streaming service which kicks in today.

The broadcaster is cracking down on users who are bypassing its advertising on ITVX.

It replaced ITV Hub last year and hosts original content as well as airing the Big Brother live feed.

While standard users have to watch ads before viewing content, premium users can pay to skip right to their favourite show.

However, for EE and BT customers, they were smartly able to fast-forward them – until now.

As of Monday, November 6th, ITV has blocked the loophole.

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Viewers will still be able to skip ahead, just not when the adverts are playing.

It comes as Netflix has offered fans a cheaper subscription package with adverts.

It follows a recent price hike for Netflix's ad-free plans – making the ad-supported version all the more tempting to cash-strapped viewers.

The Standard with ads package still costs £4.99 / $6.99 per month.

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In an announcement last night, Netflix said ad-supported subscribers will be shown fewer ads while they're knee-deep in a TV or movie binge.

It forms part of a 'watch three get one free' initiative that means subscribers won't be shown ads during any fourth episode of a TV marathon.

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