James Corden pays out of pocket for furloughed staff's salaries as Ellen DeGeneres continues to leave employees hanging

LATE Late Show host James Corden has committed to paying his furloughed staff out of his own pocket.

The British host is covering the salaries of around 60 furloughed staffers after their CBS paychecks come to an end this week, according to Variety.

The host, who has been broadcasting his show from his garage in Los Angeles since April 14, picked up the responsibility for his staffers after CBS had covered their salary for eight weeks.

They had been sidelined by the sudden shutdown of the Late Late Show on March 15, as the coronavirus outbreak spurred social distancing mandates.

However, last week Corden informed some staffers that they would be furloughed as of May 4 and that he would cover the salaries going forward out of his own pocket, reports the industry publication.

The total cost to the Cats actor is unclear, but is likely to be at least mid-five figures a week, according to Variety.

Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres was slammed by her angry staff members who allegedly lashed out over lack of communication about their pay after the show stopped in March due to the coronavirus lockdown, Variety reported.

New episodes of the show are still being broadcast from Ellen's own home as an in-studio production, but crew members were told to prepare for a 60 percent pay cut.

Speaking to Variety, a source said: "Radio silence from producers created anxiety among crew members who feared they would be furloughed and, in that case, would need to explore unemployment benefits."

They were left further disgruntled when they discovered that Ellen had hired a non-union company to help her produce the show from home – even though the normal crew have the same skills and are out of work.

Ellen earned $80.5 million last year, according to Forbes, and has a net worth of $330 million.

Corden is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million and earns around $5 million a year for the Late Late Show.

Both shows are usually filmed in Los Angeles, which has a stay at home order.

Corden has been married to Julia Carey since September 2012 and the couple share three children: son Max, 9, and daughters Carey, 5, and two-year-old Charlotte.

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