Jasmine Harman speechless as A Place in the Sun duo joke divorce

A Place in the Sun: Jasmine ‘speechless’ over couple’s reaction

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Joiner Craig and his partner Suzy, who works in the wine industry, had been dating for nine years and discovered their love for Tenerife town six years ago. They decided to buy their perfect holiday home in the sun, and with a budget of £200,000 hoped Jasmine Harman could help them secure their ideal property. However, the pair kept disagreeing and the presenter was left “speechless” as Suzy threatened “divorce” during a row on the Channel 4 property search show.

Jasmine had lined up five properties for the couple to explore, with the first being a two-bed penthouse apartment in Playa de la Arena.

Valued at £186,364, the couple admitted they both “expected more”.

They also warned Jasmine they tend to disagree, so the property expert was prepared for conflicts between the two.

Suzy soon fell in love with property three – a two-bed apartment which boasted a bright corridor, a large open-plan living space, and a modern kitchen.

It also had sea views from inside as well as from the balcony, as well as a communal pool.

While Suzy raved about the property, Craig wasn’t keen, instead setting his sights on the fifth property.

After they searched the apartment though, Jasmine admitted the couple’s reaction had left her “speechless”.

As the two agreed the property was definitely a contender, Suzy commented: “I’ve got the tingles, me!”

“This is what I’ve been waiting for!” Jasmine remarked as she took in the couple’s positive response.

“What do you think you’d be doing out here?” She asked, alluding to the balcony, which was a big attraction for the pair.

“Hopefully entertaining, relaxing,” Craig stated, while Suzy added: “Yeah, having friends over for dinner and reading, knitting, lounging, lying down.”

As Jasmine was delighted at their reaction, Craig said, “It’s just perfect for everything.”

“It makes me realise how important outside space is for you,” Jasmine noted.

Suzy continued: “I’m speechless,” before Jasmine made the same confession herself.

“Well, I’m actually a little bit speechless!” She laughed. “Because you are agreeing on something for the first time – possibly ever!”

However, the disagreements kept coming as Craig insisted property five was better than the third.

During a jokey row, Suzy explained: “I’m still in love with property number three!”

“Of course, you’re still thinking about that one?” Jasmine asked, but Craig soon chimed in.

“And I love prop number four…” he added as Jasmine became exasperated.

“Divorce before marriage!” Suzy stated, to which Jasmine replied: “Surely it’s not that bad, is it?”

Eventually, the couple made an offer on property three – around £60,000 below the asking price.

Although Suzy wanted to offer more, she allowed Craig to decide because it had been her who preferred the property.

The sellers made a counteroffer of £190,000, down from their initial ask of £227,500.

Jasmine gasped as this still wasn’t good enough for Craig, who offered again at £180,000.

A reluctant Jasmine called the sellers, who offered a final amount of £185,000, but Craig refused to budge.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays from 3pm on Channel 4.

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