Jay cancels vital day with Lola after getting bad news in EastEnders

Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) was left devastated in recent EastEnders scenes when he was forced to cancel a special day out with dying wife Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold).

Jay had planned an extra special day for Lola, who only has a few months to live following her brain tumour diagnosis, and was looking forward to spending time with her.

He explained his plans for them to visit the London Eye, before taking her up the Shard for some lunch.

While he was really looking forward to spending a day with his wife, Lola was clearly exhausted, and wasn’t sure if she’d be up to it.

However, their plans were soon put on hold by a phone call revealing that no one had opened up at Coker’s, leaving Jay with no choice but to man the ship himself.

As Jay headed off to work, Lola revealed to a concerned Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) that she was secretly relieved.

As Lola caught up on some much needed rest, Billy (Perry Fenwick) expressed his concerns about how much Jay was trying to juggle.

Determined to ease some of the burden, Billy headed to Coker’s to offer to take over for the day.

As Jay reflected on a young client he had just helped who had just lost his wife, he admitted that no matter how many days out he planned, the end would still come for Lola.

Though Billy tried to stop him piling pressure on himself, Jay was reluctant to listen and headed back into work.

It has been revealed that Lola’s funeral has just been filmed, meaning that it is only a matter of weeks before it is aired on screen.

Will Jay get the opportunity to spend time with Lola as her final days draw near?

In upcoming episodes, Billy will enlist the help of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) to find cover for Jay, in order to give him the opportunity to make precious memories with Lola.

When Jay reveals to Lola that he is now on compassionate leave and they will be able to spend more time together, she is thrilled.

But will she be able to cope with long days out?

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