Jeff Brazier reveals his son with Jade Goody, Bobby, 16, has a modelling contract and wants to be a DJ

PROUD dad Jeff Brazier has revealed his son Bobby has signed a modelling contract and has his sights set on becoming a DJ.

The father-of-two, 40, also said the 16-year-old is "everything he hoped he'd become" after starring alongside him in Channel 4's Let's Talk About Sex – that saw celebs discuss their sexual experiences with their children.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Jeff said: "He's learning how to DJ because he's interested in that, so I'll obviously support that.

"He's signed up with a model agency because he had quite a few that wanted to take him on, and he hasn't done anything yet, but you know, that will be interesting to see what happens for him.

"I know he's quite sort of hopeful for what that might bring, and basically it just seems like there's a few opportunities available to him."

Bobby achieved two As, three Bs and three Cs in his GCSEs and is currently doing an apprenticeship in digital marketing.

Jeff believes the 18-month apprenticeship will give him a solid foundation in an industry that is "absolutely not going anywhere".

He continued: "I'm really proud of Bob. It was a shame that last year he really kind of didn't give himself enough credit for how capable he was academically.

"His exam results, for him, were a real shock because he'd told himself that he was going to do a lot worse than he actually did. He got two A's, three B's, three C's in the end, and that's really not a bad return for a kid that didn't really try particularly hard at revising, no matter how many times I sort of said to him 'come on, mate, put an hour or two in.'"

In August Channel 4 aired a three-part documentary looking at the life and death of Jade Goody, who is mother to his two sons.

Jeff wanted to feature in the film to make sure he represented Jade positively for her boys.

Neither Freddie, 14, nor Bobby has watched the documentary yet, with them ultimately deciding that they did not feel it was the right time, however, Jeff is certain they will one day.

He said: "In a nutshell, I got the godparents together. We sat the kids down. We told them what they was likely to be seeing, and that there would be some really amazing stuff that they would be incredibly proud to watch, but we also said, truthfully, that there's going some incredibly difficult things that you probably don't know about your mum, or you don't know happened to your mum, that's going to be really difficult for you to watch.

"And maybe at the ages of 14 and 16, I believe this might be best left until you're a couple of years older.

"It's never going anywhere, you're always going to be able to watch it, and you will watch it one day, but now is probably not the best time,  but it's up to you what's your choice and they both said 'well we're happy to go without, we'll wait.'"

Jeff, who is now married to PR Kate Dwyer, said he and the boys will always celebrate Jade's birthdays and commemorate the anniversary of her death, and has praised the public for the outpouring of love.

"I think that it's amazing that the public are remembering. That brings some comfort to the boys, to know that people cared about her enough to still talk about her and nobody wants her to ever not be a topic of conversation."

Jeff recently met with families with ill children who are benefiting from a special house funded by Ronald McDonald House Charities UK (RMHC).

McDonald’s and its customers have been fundraising for RMHC for 30 years and to mark the milestone Jeff visited Evelina House, in Lambeth, to see how the money raised in restaurants is spent.

He said: “I first visited the site of the Evelina House in 2015 and it has been brilliant to come back and see it in all its glory.

“McDonald’s has been raising money for RMHC for the last 30 years – with £6million donated in 2018 alone.

"What was clear from all the families I met is how grateful they are to McDonald’s, its franchisees, staff and customers for all their fundraising efforts. Next time you are in restaurant please do give generously to this great cause – you never know if you or family or friends will need their support.”

Aside from his work with McDonald's, Jeff said now that Freddie and Bobby are older he's able to throw himself back into his main passion: football.

Jeff regularly appears on BT Sport, where he analyses and discusses games, he is also a coach at West Ham Women's Academy, and he revealed he's been asked to be an assistant manager in the National League.

He said: "That's what I'm doing now, that's my direction. Now I can start to reclaim a little bit of time for myself.  I can literally afford to throw myself into this, and I am."

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