Jeopardy! fans think 16-game champ Ryan Long got 'special treatment' with his $300K winnings after viewing new video | The Sun

JEOPARDY! fans think that 16-game winning champion, Ryan Long, has received special treatment from the show.

He won $300,000 during his time on Jeopardy! and was presented his check early by a local news outlet.

Ryan's successful run on the show ended on June 6 when he was defeated by Eric Ahasiac.

He auditioned through Zoom and after a stint in the hospital with Covid-19, he finally made it on the show.

However, the champ recovered and went on to be one of the most memorable contestants on the famous game show.

Although, some viewers thought he threw the game because he was ready to go home.


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Jeopardy! fans now think that the Philadelphia native got "special treatment" after his disappointing loss.

Ryan is a rideshare driver, who before racking up a ton of winnings on the show, drove people around.

6ABC did a segment on the champion and fans noticed something that has never happened to another contestant.

The video went into his background and how humble he was and fans turned out to congratulate him.

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He was then handed his check for $300, 401, for his 16 games won, and fans on Reddit were a little shocked.


While it is not so unusual for a local news station to cover someone from their hometown, it is a bit unusual to hand them a check during the interview.

"I am curious – does every Jeopardy! winner end up picking up their winnings at the offices/studio of the affiliate that hosts the show in their area, or was this part of a special story the station did on Ryan?" one user asked.

"If not, other past winners, how did it work for you?"

One fan replied: "This is actually a little strange because for most contestants, win or lose, they get mailed a check weeks after their final episode airs. The ABC affiliate must have pulled some strings to make this happen."

A former winner chimed in with: "I was thinking the same thing. Mine arrived about 10 weeks later and was on the early side of the 60-90 days they told us to expect."

Another user said that Jeopardy! airs on that channel in Philadelphia, so maybe that helped the process along.

"I remember seeing a story on here about [former champ] Amy Schneider getting either some or all of her winnings sooner than the typical weeks after airing—maybe they’re accelerating the payout schedule for everyone?"

"I got my check through the mail, which is the case for everyone I think. Unless there’s some exception if it’s a significant amount like Ryan’s…"another former player added.


Before Ryan said goodbye to the show, host Mayim Bialik slipped up on an answer that sent fans into a frenzy.

The mistake occurred within the first few minutes of Ryan's last show.

After one contestant requested the movie category, Mayim read the clue: “It was this two-word internet sensation’s worst Christmas ever in 2014.”

Along with the hint, an image of a frowning feline was also shown to the players.

Player Eric quickly jumped in to call out the correct answer, saying, “Who is Grumpy Cat?”

Without hesitation, Mayim replied: “That’s him!”

Fans, however, were quick to notice her mistake and ran to Twitter to correct the actress.

One said: “Grumpy Cat was a girl!” as another responded, "Cannot believe Mayim got this wrong."

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Ryan will return to the show this fall for the Tournament of Champions.

Jeopardy! airs weeknights at 7 pm on ABC.

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