Jeremy Vine guest blasts Femi Oluwole for comparing booing with flag burning ‘Disgusting!

Jeremy Vine panelists clash over wearing masks

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Jeremy Vine invited Nicola McLean, Mike Parry and Femi Oluwole onto Channel 5 today to discuss England fans booing the national anthem of opposing football teams. Mike and Nicola both felt the gesture was “banter” used to put off the opposition however Femi slammed fans who boo and compared it to burning national flags. 

Femi asked Mike and Nicola whether they would agree with flag burning after hearing they were in support of fans booing opposing teams’ national anthems. 

“You’re not getting away with that,” Mike hit back. “That’s disgusting I would never burn any flags. 

“When [opposing fans] come to Wembley Stadium they will be welcomed.”

More to follow…

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