Joe Swash grosses out Susanna Reid with ‘fungal’ foot issue from ice skating

Joe Swash went into a little too much detail, as he discussed an ongoing foot issue as a result of his training for ITV's Dancing on Ice 2020.

The contestant, up against the likes of Maura Higgins, Trisha Goddard and Ben Hanlin, has "ice skating boot feet" with daily training having an impact.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Thursday, he left hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard a little horrified as he confessed to wearing Ben's socks, while having athlete's foot.

The presenter had lent him a pair after he didn't have any of his own, with him hosting the competition on the show.

Ben made light of the sharing, telling him: "Your socks are more your socks than my socks."

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As Susanna looked confused, Joe explained: "You wont believe this right.

"I had no socks, no one had any socks and I said, 'Ben you got any socks?' and he's given me these lovely little blue numbers here."

He then offered to return them to his dressing room after, with Ben saying: "No, you're alright…"

As Ben grimaced, he and Joe explained about the foot issues.

Joe joked he was going to sneak them back in the drawer so that Ben thought they were fresh, and would potentially wear them.

He said: "I've got ice skating boot feet as well, they stink."

As Ben told him: "That is brutal," Joe grossly added: "Bit of athlete's foot there in the morning."

Susanna was clearly unimpressed saying: "Oh it gets worse," with Ben informing their guest that treatment was available.

It's then that he added: "I've got the talc powder, now the smell is fighting through."

Deciding enough was enough, Susana told him: "Okay, that's…" before moving the topic on.

Later in the episode, Joe returned with Ben reminding fans of his "odour problem and fungal feet".

Joe was quick to point out it was just a foot issue, telling viewers: "Let's make it clear it's isolated to the feet.

"It's not an odour issue, it's just a foot issue."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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