Joe Wicks reveals he ‘can’t stop eating’ as Body Coach star says he's hits ‘self-destruct’ in worrying post | The Sun

JOE Wicks admits that he 'hasn't stopped eating' for three weeks after hitting the 'self destruct' button.

The Body Coach opened up about his struggles with food, telling fans that he has been 'hiding behind food'.

Joe said how he had been eating lots of "ultra-processed foods" which had been leaving him feel "sluggish" and "moody".

"I feel like I've not stopped eating for the past 3 weeks. I've basically been eating my emotions. Feeling stressed and just hitting self-destruct everyday and eating everything in sight.

"Eating loads of Ultra Processed foods thinking it will make me feel better but it doesn't.

"Just makes me feel s***. Sluggish. Moody. Bloated. And the cycle continues," he wrote.

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"I'm putting this out there because maybe you have been feeling the same.

"It's so easy to hide behind food. It feels like the solution but ultra-processed food makes me feel crap," he continued.

"It brings our mood and energy down even more and it's so highly addicted that it's hard to snap out of it.

"Today I'm getting my s*** together and I'm gonna switch my mindset.

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"I'm gonna plan some recipes and get meal prepping. Get back to the basics. The things which keep me on track."

He also said that he's going to try to get to bed earlier, as he found that lack of sleep impacts his food choices.

Many of his fans found the post relatable, sharing their own experiences.

"Me too- resetting for the 1st of the month!! We got this!!" one wrote.

"My life right now. Thank you for showing that no one is invincible. We put people on pedestals and beat ourselves up when comparing ourselves to them. You’ve made a difference to my day," a second agreed.

"Your honesty is mind blowing Joe! While most people on Instagram portray a perfect life you tell it how it really is. I have no doubt that helps people more," a third added.

A fourth echoed: "Comforting to know that you’re human too. We all have to have a word with ourselves sometimes. You’ve inspired so many people and will continue to do so." 

In February this year Joe revealed that his six-pack had gone after he got "hooked on biscuits and bacon sandwiches".

He told fans on Instagram: "I've been eating chocolate cakes and biscuits every day.

"Three bacon sandwiches for breakfast, hash browns and beans. It's not very good when I'm the Body Coach, is it?"

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Joe took a picture from the side showing the fuller tummy where there was once a set of abs.

The star, 37, was dubbed "the nation's PE teacher" during lockdown where his daily YouTube workouts were a lifeline to housebound Brits.

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