Jordan Banjo says 22,000 people who complained to Ofcom over Diversity's BLM dance 'make him sick'

JORDAN Banjo says the 22,000 people who complained to Ofcom about Diversity's BLM dance "make him sick".

The disgusted dancer hit out as he shared a racist message sent in the aftermath of the Britain's Got Talent performance.

It said: "If you don't like living in a white country, go live in Africa.

"I think you would genuinely feel more comfortable there.

"As would I if you did."

Posting the nasty comment sent to his brother and stand-in host Ashley, Jordan said: "And people wanted to complain about us? People wanted to complain and say there isn't an issue. Makes me sick."

Objections to the TV watchdog has soared about the dance, which saw a white police officer kneeling on Ashley Banjo.

It's close to being TV's most complained about moment of the decade.

The first is Roxanne Pallett’s Celebrity Big Brother ‘punchgate’ drama with former Corrie star Ryan Thomas with 25,327 complaints and Kim Woodburn’s interview on Loose Women comes third with 7,912 complaints.

Despite the hatred aimed at Diversity – who won BGT in 2019 – Ashley defiantly said: "Every complaint was worth it."

Sharing some of the vile messages he'd received, Ashley wrote: "No I don’t mean ‘criticism’… I mean ‘Racism’.

"I mean hate… I mean the very thing that makes every single second of that performance and every single complaint worth it.

He continued: "I didn’t want to even shed light on any of this directly. But here’s just a small selection from the past week.

"And please don’t worry about or feel sorry for me… Feel sorry for the people that endure this kind of abuse and have no voice or platform.

"Feel sorry for the people that have been singled out, abused and in some cases murdered because of the colour of their skin," he added.

"The only saving grace is that this is the vast minority… But for all the people asking or wondering – yes it is very real and yes it does exist."

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