Katie Price, 41, is in the grip of a mid-life crisis and has hit the self-destruct button, her friends fear – The Sun

TROUBLED Katie Price is in the midst of a mid-life crisis and has hit the self-destruct button, her friends fear.

The Sun Online can reveal that those close to the 41-year-old are growing increasingly worried about her erratic behaviour.

One told us: “Katie desperately needs help but she’s refusing to listen to those who care about her.”

The warning comes days after it was reported Katie ripped the stitches from a recent boob job while in bed with her lover during a wild-night in Turkey.

She has spent the last 48 hours partying with Charles Dury after dumping boyfriend Kris Boyson for the builder.

Kate is believed to have met Charles when he was doing work in her house and the pair started exchanging flirty messages behind Kris’ back. He was pictured yesterday throwing out Katie’s belongings.

Pals of Katie are concerned at her decision to dump Kris, saying he was the only one who could get through to her.

The pal said: “Katie has been behaving more and more erratically over the past few weeks. It's like she's having an early mid-life crisis. She’s shutting herself off from those who care about her and it is really worrying to see.

“She just isn't taking good care of herself.

"Katie has had some major work done on her body which she doesn’t need. And rather than recovering like doctors have told her to, she has been carrying on partying and lying in the sun.

“Everyone is worried about the damage she is doing to her body but Katie has just been shrugging it all off, saying it’s no one’s else business and to keep their noses out. She's been saying the doctors can sort it all out but why is she allowing herself to get in such a state?”

The pal said Katie’s treatment of Kris had also left people concerned.

“Kris is one of the few people who actually cares for Katie and isn’t afraid to stand up to her. He tells her when she needs to slow down. That is probably one of the reasons she has given him the elbow – she didn't want the hassle or the earache.

“None of her mates know anything about this new guy she is seeing. Katie is surrounding herself with more and more hangers-on who don’t know her or care about her.

"Katie used to avoid people like that but she seems to be encouraging them these days.”

“Meanwhile the Sun Online can reveal that Kris has been bombarding ex-Katie with calls and messages since pictures emerged of her partying with Charles. He’s demanded to know why she has made him look “like a mug” and has asked her to come home so they can talk things through.

“But Katie has told Kris the relationship is over and that she’s not interested in meeting her.”


“Kris is gutted,” a friend said.

“The last time he and Katie split up he took it really badly but this is fifty times worse and totally humiliating. He knows she has basically dumped him via social media.

“Lots of his mates are telling him he is well shot of her. But he still cares for Katie and wants to know what he is supposed to have done wrong.”

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