Kendall Jenner Breaks Down After Shocking Fight with Kylie Jenner and Corey Gamble on KUWTK

Thursday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians culminated in an explosive family argument — but it didn't involve the usual suspects.

The episode began with an emotional moment between Kris Jenner, 64, and Kourtney Kardashian, 41. After watching the shockingly physical fight between Kourtney and Kim Kardashian West that aired last season, Kris called her eldest daughter to offer her some support.

"I was in Paris when this fight took place and I obviously heard about it, but really had no idea how intense it was until I saw it for myself," she said. "Although me and my family are super close and love doing what we do, watching the girls argue or fight or get physical with one another is really hard for me."

During the tearful phone call, Kourtney thanked her mom for reaching out and admitted that while she had felt ganged up on for the past two years, she was in a better place now. The conversation inspired Kris to organize a family trip to her sprawling Palm Springs compound.

"Part of my job is to make sure that the girls are getting along right now," she said. "I'm a firm believer that if there's a problem and if there's tension amongst people, we have to get together and have some quality family time. So I think it's time to go to Palm Springs and spend some time together in everybody's happy place."

Everyone was on board except for Kendall Jenner, initially, but Kris managed to convince her. And Kris' boyfriend Corey Gamble was looking forward to some time with the supermodel.

"Anybody that's close to Kris, that's important to her, will also be important to me," said Corey, 39. "Kris has six kids — five girls, one boy. That's a lot of girls in one group. So it's hard to be close to everybody. I'm not close to Kendall, but if she ever needed me, I'll be there. So I'm looking forward to Palm Springs, to carve out some time so we can really come together."

The weekend rolled around and the family began arriving at the house — but Kylie Jenner, 23, was missing in action on night one.

"She does miss out on a lot of family trips, which is sad sometimes," said Kendall, 24. "I just don't get to spend a ton of time with Kylie all the time, just because she is off with her friends or off with other people most of the time. So I just get really excited when we have these family trips, just to reconnect."

Kylie finally showed up the following morning, much to Corey's relief. "Kylie's my ace," he told the cameras. "We always shoot the s—. She's always such a happy, outgoing person, and she's the one that contacts me and checks on me the most. So I'm really excited that she's here."

Later, he pulled her aside to thank her for coming, whispering that it was "not the same" when she wasn't around. "Without you, it's f—ing just off," he said.

"I love Corey. Corey and I have such a good relationship," Kylie said. "He's just helped me navigate through life. I really appreciate his advice. He's just always been a good guy."

The family was preparing to hit the town that night, and Khloé Kardashian, 36, had arranged for them to go to a drag show. It wasn't exactly Kourtney's dream activity, but she agreed to go along with it.

"I'm in a place in my life where I'm not really going out all the time. I don't really drink. Kendall and Kim and I are on the same page with that," she said. "I feel like going out and drinking and having a wild time seems to be what Khloé needs and how she feels connected to us, so that's the reason I'm going."

Kylie, on the other hand, was looking forward to having a few drinks and "getting loose." But the night got off to a rough start after Kourtney lent Kylie a brown outfit that Kendall wanted to wear. As Kylie took shots of tequila in the kitchen with Corey, Kendall complained that everyone "bows down" to her little sister.

"Oh, like you deserved the outfit more?" Kylie demanded. "Whatever, you're a hater, you're not going to ruin my f—ing night. I'm having a good time."

"You ruined my f—ing night," Kendall shot back. "So I can do whatever the f— I want to."

In a confessional, Kylie brushed the drama off. "I don't really know what's going on with this outfit," she said. "I didn't know that it was assigned for Kendall, or if it really was or not. But I brought a big baggy t-shirt and a bikini, so this was really the only thing I could wear."

After dinner, the group headed to the drag show. Kendall, who was falling asleep on the way there, decided not go inside and wait in the car instead. She, Corey and Kylie were planning on returning to Los Angeles at the end of the night in Kylie's car.

Once the show was over, Corey and Kylie joined Kendall in one Escalade, while Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloé piled into another car to head back to the Palm Springs house. As they were pulling out, Kendall suggested giving the driver her address. Kylie, apparently unaware that her sister had been under the impression she was getting dropped off at her respective house, refused.

"Why would I drop you home, Kendall?" she said. "I'm not going to go through the city to drop you home."

At this point, presumably because there were no cameras in Kylie's car, the episode cut to Kris and the Kardashian sisters' car. Someone got a phone call from Corey and put it on speakerphone as muffled screams came blaring out.

"Corey, I'm not getting in a f—ing random Escalade by myself," Kendall yelled.

"No one promised to take you home!" Kylie shot back. "Why would I drive you over the hill?"

The fight escalated as Kendall shouted at Kylie for shoving her heel "into my f—ing neck," while Kylie claimed Kendall had "slapped" her. In the midst of the chaos, Kendall accused Corey of cursing at her. "This man is wild," she said over the phone. "He really just said 'f— you' to me."

Finally, Corey and Kylie dropped Kendall off at a gas station on the side of the road. The other car came to get her, and she was sobbing when she climbed inside.

"I will never speak to Kylie ever again," she vowed, choking back tears. "Kylie was like, 'Jose, can we stop somewhere to go pee?' And then I was like, 'Oh yeah, and should I give him my address?' She goes, 'No, I'm not dropping you home, what do you think this is?' Corey was like, 'Stop the car, let's get Kendall another car.' Like, no. Why would I drive all the way by myself?"

"That's not his place to dictate that!" Khloé interjected.

"That's what I said," Kendall said. "I said, 'Corey, shut up. You're not even trying to be helpful. You want me out of this car.' … And then Corey, on everything, said 'F— you' and turns around to the front. I said, 'F— you? You're going to say f— you?' And that's when I started getting hysterical. Because [Kylie] was like, 'He didn't say f— you. I was listening to the whole [thing].' And I'm like, 'No. I'm dead sober. I wouldn't make s— up.' And she smacked me, not hard, she like, smacked me or something, so I came back at her and smacked her in the face and then she took her heel and put it into my neck. So then I started kicking her back. We got in a full fight."

"The fact that my sister, my blood, was reacting that way, it's so upsetting," she said, shaking.

Meanwhile, Kylie was texting the other sisters on the side. "You guys know I'm a sane person," Kim read aloud. "Kendall said, 'Will you drop me off?' and I said, 'No, I never agreed to that.' Kendall's been in a bad ass mood all f—ing day. That s— was crazy."

Khloé did her best to comfort Kendall. "Listen, I'm sorry you're upset and you have every right to be," she said. "She's drunk right now."

"She's making it seem like I'm f—ing crazy," Kendall cried. "I don't know how I'll be able to forget this. I really don't."

In separate confessionals, the sisters shared their side of the story.

"All I remember Corey doing is trying to break us up. I don't really feel like this fight is about Corey. I feel like this is between me and Kendall, and I know Corey wants the best for both of us," Kylie said. "We're both very upset. I think there was a lot of miscommunication because she thought I was going to take her all the way to Beverly Hills home, and I just never agreed to that, so. Things just got very out of hand."

Kendall, for her part, felt extremely "disrespected" by what had happened.

"I don't think I ever would have thought either of them were capable of taking it to that level with me, especially because I was just kind of chilling and asked a simple question," she said. "I just didn't ever see it needing to get to that point, and I already know Kylie is going to downplay the situation and make it seem like she did nothing wrong."

And as Kim, 39, pointed out, Corey's involvement in the drama just made things "more complicated."

"I just feel bad for my mom," Kim said. "She's just stuck in the middle of this and doesn't know how to navigate this. It really sucks."

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