Killer Stephen takes aggressive action to hide Leo's murder in Coronation Street

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) was keeping a close eye on Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) and Teddy (Grant Burgin) in tonight’s Coronation Street, determined to make sure they made no progress in their quest to find out what’s happened to Leo (Joe Frost).

As viewers know, Stephen killed Leo after he got discovered Stephen’s scheme to get his hands on Audrey (Sue Nicholls)’s money. A fight between the two ended with Stephen smacking Leo’s head off some railings before the civil engineer’s body dropped conveniently into a wheelie bin. Stephen then disposed of the body, and much of his time since has been employed in trying to prevent his crime from being discovered.

In this episode this involved Stephen materialising wherever Jenny or Teddy happened to be at any given time, basically to try to talk them out of any plans they might have to look for the missing Leo.

Turning up at the Rovers before it was even open to get a cup of coffee even had Jenny suspicious, based on the fact that there’s a perfectly good café over the road where that very minute Shona (Julia Goulding) was engaged in trying to perfect the art of finishing off a coffee by creating a picture in the foam, with admittedly mixed results.

When Jenny promised Teddy that ‘By hook or crook we will find’ Leo, Stephen knew he had to do something. He took a photo of the pair on Leo’s phone, which he still has, and sent it to Jenny, pretending that Leo had been sent the picture by a friend and he wasn’t happy to see his dad and his former fiancee apparently having an affair.

Stephen thought this plan had worked and advised Teddy to keep away from Jenny so Leo’s ‘mates’ didn’t have any reason to send him more suspicious snaps.

But he realised there was a flaw in his cunning scheme when he overheard Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) talking about how the police can use location information from phones to solve crimes.

Stephen has obviously never seen a crime drama recently otherwise he would have known this already – but he’s probably far too busy being an international businessman/crook to watch telly.

As a result of Dee-Dee’s words, Stephen took himself out to the ginnel and proceeded to remove the sim card from Leo’s phone and smash it to bits with a brick, along with the phone.

So there’ll be no more phone messages from ‘Leo’ for Jenny and Teddy. But if they continue to try to find out the truth, and as Stephen comes under mounting pressure from Gabrielle (Helene Maksoud) to come up with the cash he’s promised her, who knows what desperate lengths Stephen could be driven to next?

As Todd Boyce says, ‘I think he’s capable of just killing more people going on. It’s like gambling, the further he’s in, the further he’ll go.’

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