Kurt Sutter Wants To Weave More 'Sons Of Anarchy' Characters Into 'Mayans MC' Season 2

Fans can continue to expect more Sons of Anarchy crossovers as Mayans MC gears up for Season 2. Mayans MC creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James recently opened up about the spin-off’s sophomore season, teasing that they want to weave in more characters from the original show. With more of our favorite characters returning to Sutter’s biker universe, what are the chances that Charlie Hunnam reprises his role as Jax Teller?

Sutter teases ‘Sons of Anarchy’ crossover

Several Sons ofAnarchy characters appeared in the first season of Mayans MC, including a few unexpected cameos. Heading into thefirst season, we knew that Emilio Rivera was reprising his role as Mayanspresident, Marcus Alvarez. We also expected to see a few characters whosurvived the original series.

But Sutter surprised everyone by including some flashbacks as a method of storytelling, something that he did not do in Sons of Anarchy. This opened the door to bring back Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller, despite the character dying in the final season of Sons.

In an interview with EntertainmentWeekly, Sutter and James talked about bringing more characters back inSeason 2 of Mayans MC. Without givingaway too many details, Sutter explained why he decided to use flashbacks in thespin-off. Sutter felt like this was a great way to combine elements from thetwo shows without messing with the original story.

Sutter also teased that Gemma might appear again in futureseasons, though he stopped short of making it official. The Sons of Anarchy creator, unfortunately,did not say anything about Hunnam.

“For me, it was using that device to tell the story of howthe worlds intersected,” Sutter shared. “I don’t know if I’ll use her or thatdevice again, but if I need to, I’ve established it.”

Which ‘Sons of Anarchy’ characters will be back?

The first season of Mayans MC witnessed the return of several characters from Sons of Anarchy. Aside from Alvarez, this included Happy (David Labrava), who appeared in the Season 1 finale. We also learned that Happy is the person responsible for the death of EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel’s (Clayton Cardenas) mom. EZ and Angel will likely be looking to avenge their mother’s death in Season 2, though that will get complicated as club alliances come into play.

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James talked a little bit about Happy’s involvement inSeason 2 of the Sons of Anarchy spin-off and teased that the characterwill be killed off by the third installment. James also said it was greatworking with Labrava again and promised that fans will see a lot of Happy thisyear.

It is unclear what will happen with Happy’s storyline,especially since he was involved with the death of EZ’s mom, but it is great toknow that he is going to appear a lot this season. It also opens the door forus to see a few more characters from the original show, though there is notelling who might pop up.

The second season of MayansMC will also see the return of Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon). Potterappeared in Sons of Anarchy andalmost took down SAMCRO. Potter has been plotting behind the scenes once againwith the Mayans and will likely become a main antagonist this season.

As far as other characters are concerned, fans are wonderingif Jimmy Smits will return as Nero. There is no telling if Smits will be back,but the actor has expressed an interest in reprising the role.

What about Charlie Hunnam?

Hunnam’s portrayal of Jax Teller is one of the reasons why Sons of Anarchy was so successful. There is little doubt that fans would love to see Hunnam reprise the role, though his involvement would likely be minimal at best. The only way to bring Hunnam back is through a flashback, as the character was killed off in the series finale.

Sutter would also have to craft a story that makes sensewith Mayans MC and does not mess withwhat happened in Sons of Anarchy. Thegood news is that Sutter can use flashbacks to make it happen, and it isprobably a safe bet that Hunnam would be willing to return for a quick cameo aswell.

Season 2 of Mayans MC premieres September 3 on FX.

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