‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Takes Aim At President Donald Trump TV Interviews

Talk show host Seth Meyers tonight ran down two of President Donald Trump’s most recent television interviews, bringing forth some highly ascerbic takes on what was really said during the discussions.

First, there was Trump’s interview with Axios, which Meyers said “could have doubled as an in-take at a psych ward.”

To redeem himself, Meyers said President Trump “rushed back to Fox News.” While there, the President repeated his claim that schools should open. “This thing (coronavirus) will go away.”

“Is he talking about a pandemic or a summer romance?” chortled Meyers. But Meyers noted the President’s attitude on reopening schools probably stems from his hardscrabble days in New York real estate, where a crew usually makes sure that things do just go away.

As for the President’s claims that the country is doing well in its battle against the pandemic, Meyers said, “Yeah. Just ignore the red part. Like a plane crash is a successful landing.”

Watch the full take below.

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