Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen up for Naked Attraction but nude him is a grim reality

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would be up for going on Naked Attraction despite being married for 37 years, however, he says it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

The Changing Rooms star, 57, said he would be up for the rather risque challenge but argues the most interesting thing about him is his clothes, so he doesn't know how triumphant he would be.

Talking about his Changing Room's co-host Anna Richardson, he said: "There is always a bit of a risk with Anna, because she is absolutely fine-tuned naughtiness, after five years of making a living by looking at people's genitals. You would look at the world with a rather rife smile I would think.

"We had an absolute blast doing it and it was tough we were still very much constrained by covid protocols and we were kind of trapped together in a sort of weird claustrophobic bubble and who knew you get actually get to hotels with less than five stars."

When asked if he would ever be persuaded to go on Anna's other show Naked Attraction, if he was single he replied, he said he would regardless of his marital status.

Laurence added: "I don't need to be single to do that I can still be married and go on the show and I think much to the phenomenal amusement of my wife.

"The thing is, with me literally, the most interesting thing about me is the clothes. You don't want to go inside the clothes. I could probably go on there as a magnificent advert for my tailor, because of the grim reality of what I would look like in my pants, they would say my tailor is heroic and be like 'oh, look at what he's done to that creature!"

But how about hosting the show with her – does Laurence think he could do that? It seems so…

He continued: "The thing about having classical fine art training, I spent four years going life drawing. I've seen the human form through an absolute myriad of incarnations other is nothing that could surprise or shock me.

"I think it's wonderful that the British could up with a programme that is just laughing at naked people. With us Brits, it's just hands-on-hips and propeller it out for all to see. The fact it comes on as the pub closes is always convenient too."

Laurence is also currently working on the Ideal Home Show, having returned for his tenth year.

Talking about the show, he said: "The Ideal Home Show has always been amazing and it gives you ideas of trends and colours and it's much easier being able to see it in person than looking online."

The Ideal Home Show, in partnership with NatWest, the world’s longest-running exhibition, is back at Olympia London until Sunday 27th March 2022. A host of experts and celebrities will be hosting Q&As on stage throughout the 17 days at the show. For more information and tickets, please visit

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