Linda Hamilton Is Still Going to Kill Arnold Schwarzenegger in New 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Trailer

Expanded footage shows Hamilton’s reaction to seeing Schwarzenegger’s aged Terminator model, as well as just how deadly and unstoppable the newest model really is!

In an era of remakes and reboots, James Cameron is smartly dismissing every "Terminator" sequel beyond "T2" for his upcoming "Terminator: Dark Fate." And in this latest trailer, two of the biggest highlights are seeing that Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger still have it.

Released appropriately enough on September 29, what would have been the anniversary of the franchise’s "Judgment Day," the latest trailer gives us a better look at the newest action hero of the franchise, who apparently is an enhanced human (and not a Terminator that thinks it’s human as some speculated when the first-look trailer was released in May.

We also got to spend a little more time with Schwarzenegger’s older T-800 model Terminator, though we’ve no explanation for why he looks every bit of Schwarzenegger’s 72 years as robots aren’t supposed to age. There’s also no sign of John Connor, son of Hamilton’s Sarah Connor and the supposed savior of the human race.

Instead, Sarah finds herself getting wrapped up in saving a new face to the franchise, Natalie Reyes’ Dani Ramos. Like in "T2," she finds herself working alongside a warrior sent from the future to protect Dani; in this case, Mackenzie Davis’ cyborg Grace. And, of course, that adorable reunion with Schwarzenegger, where Hamilton immdiately pulls a gun on him.

"When this is all over, I am going to kill you," Sarah tells the OG Terminator in one serene moment.

"I understand," he deadpans back.

Directed by Tim Miller, who made "Deadpool" into a pop culture phenomenon, the latest "Terminator" film may be just what the franchise needs to get back on its feet and excite audiences again.

While we didn’t see him in this, Edward Furlong is reportedly back as John Connor, though it’s unclear what role he’ll play as he appears to have been replaced as the key figure that needs saving in the present from liquid robot assassins from the future. Still, it’s an exciting get, reviving the whole core gang from the incredibly popular "T2" sequel.

And yes, there is a new Terminator threat even more dangerous than the original T-1000 liquid model that terrorized that film. Portrayed by Gabriel Luna, this Terminator appears to be the worst of both worlds, with both a liquid and solid frame that can actually be separated into two separate monstrous robotic forces.

But the real star of this film, and the franchise, is Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor. She became the ultimate badass just in time for "T2" and proves here that time hasn’t slowed her down a bit. She is fearless in the face of certain danger. She even doesn’t look back after creating a massive explosion, and action movies have been teaching us for years that this is the true sign of a genuine Grade-A certified badass.

Linda Hamilton is the hero we need when "Terminator: Dark Fate" hits theaters on November 1, 2109.

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