Linda Robson drops disgusting swear word live on Loose Women Apologies!

Loose Women: Linda Robson accidentally swears live on air

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Linda, 63, had been bringing into the studio ITV’s whopping competition prize money of £1million. Loose Women cameras followed her as she arrived in front of the panel, where she casually and loudly slipped the swear word, seeming to forget she was live on air. The other ITV panelists gasped as Charlene White quickly apologised to viewers.

Introducing Linda, Charlene commented: “All that money – all that money and they’ve only gone and left nanny Linda in charge of the prize.”

Wheeling the money through on a trolley, Linda replied: “Hello ladies, they’ve left me in charge of the prize can you believe it?

“This is it. It’s £1million, right here in this trolley.

“It came straight from the ITV bank account this morning,” she then blurted out: “How the f** do I look at it?”

Charlene, Brenda Edwards, Kelle Bryan and Sunetra Sarker all put their hands to their mouths and gasped as Linda stopped and asked: “Is it live on air?”

“Apologies!” Charlene quickly remarked. “Apologies.

“I would like to apologise for Linda’s language. She knows that she’s done wrong.

“She knows that she’s done wrong I think Linda has forgotten that we’re live on air.”

She added: “Would you like to continue?”

“I apologise,” the former Birds of a Feather star replied as she made her way to the rest of the team with the cash.

She went on: “I’ve got these two chaps following me around and if I open up my lid they get all jittery, so it’s my money for an hour or so but today it could be your money.”

Brenda could be seen placing her head in her hands and laughing in the background over the live blunder.

It didn’t take long for viewers to start discussing the slip-up on Twitter.

Alice Bailey wrote: “Charming language from #LindaRobson on  #loosewomen. I trust she’ll lose her job @itv?”

Arthur Walton echoed this, arguing: “#LooseWomen the language out of Linda is disgusting on day time tv when my grandson was watching.”

Others found the moment funny, with Natalie Knight stating: “Thank you Linda. You made my day!!! You’re only human but that was hilarious.”

LewisMitchell penned: “Don’t apologise for the language, that’s the funniest thing. That’s ever happened on your show!”

Chantelle commented: “Love it when Linda’s on. Her mouth has no filter.”

Steph W added: “This is the best episode of #LooseWomen I have seen in a long time. (With the exception of Linda’s slip up) Classy, professional, informative and positive.

“Four beautiful women & their guests putting the shouty, negative & self-obsessed regular panel to shame. More please #ITV.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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