Line of Duty Chris Lomax’s secret past ‘exposed’ by fan after spotting mug shot

Line of Duty fans have a right to be suspicious – the BBC One series has a reputation for serious plot twists.

The latest fan theory to emerge from the show sets its sights on Detective Sergeant Chris Lomax, who first appeared at the beginning of series six.

One viewer noticed a striking resemblance between Lomax, played by Perry Fitzpatrick, and a photograph that was shown on Sunday's episode.

It would link the copper to a serious crime, meaning more than one member of DI Jo Davidson's team is potentially corrupt.

Viewers recently learned murdered journalist Gail Vella, at the time of her passing, had been investigating the chilling death of a young black man in custody.

In 2003, Lawrence Christopher had been killed while in police custody, following an attack from a gang of white men.

Last weekend's episode showed Chloe Bishop leading Steve Arnott and Ted Hastings through information gleaned from the investigation.

In the file, there was a picture of one of the men from the gang – which one fan felt looked suspiciously like Chris Lomax.

They shared the mug shot next to a side profile snapshot of Chris, pointing out the resemblance between the pair.

Taking to Twitter, they wrote: "Seriously has no one else genuinely spotted this? Was the first thing I noticed #LineOfDuty#chrislomax#lawrencechristopher."

Chris is Jo's right-hand man at the station, which would make his potentially sinister history all the more shocking for viewers.

After reading the fan theory, many more viewers jumped in with their own insight, wondering about the ties between Chris and characters past and present.

"Yep I spotted that too. Although there are a lot of red herrings. So it's possible that he isn't a bad guy," wrote one.

A second chimed: “Very true. Though it directly connects him to Tommy Hunter's son. And it gives him a motive for Gail Vella's murder as he wants to keep his past a secret."

While a third weighed in: "OMG. You could be right. We need a face front pic to be sure."

Find out what happens next when Line Of Duty returns Sunday night at 9pm on BBC One.

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