Little People's pregnant Isabel Roloff slams 'weirdo' for 'staring at her' while she ate with husband Jacob

LITTLE People, Big World's pregnant Isabel Roloff slammed a "weirdo" for "staring at her" while she was eating with her husband, Jacob.

The reality star has always been quite open with her fans when it comes to how she feels about certain things.

It all kicked off when Isabel responded to a Reddit comment from a user who claimed to have seen "Jacob and Izzy at a restaurant in Bend, Oregon."

The user also claimed that "Izzy looked mad the whole time… I think they noticed me trying to figure out if it was them."

The 25-year-old shared the comment on her Instagram Stories and wrote over it: "Lol this is so f***ing creepy. I looked 'mad.' It's [sic] smokey hot, I'm 6 months pregnant and I have a creeper staring at me while I'm trying to just eat a meal with my man.

"The weirdest part is this person didn't even try to be discreet while staring at me."

She concluded: "I see you, weirdo."

While the LPBW star ended up deleting her response, she did further explain herself in various Stories.

She said: "… I just had a feeling this isn't a genuine person. They are creeping on us essentially, and it was really uncomfortable, violating feeling.

Isabel claimed she was "hoping the group of friends would come up and make an introduction, maybe say 'hi,' because they actually looked like someone I would get along with. But instead they chose to go tell their internet buddies."


The TLC star admitted that she received many messages of people telling her she should "expect" this since she is in the public eye, however, Isabel also revealed she "loves attention."

She said: "I do love attention. I don't really know anyone who doesn't, but I'm not afraid to admit that I like attention but I also like to eat my food in peace."

Isabel then sarcastically wrote that having a public profile but also wanting privacy must be "ridiculous" and "too much to ask."


While many fans agreed with Isabel, others on Reddit called her a "diva," as one wrote: “Follow me, buy my s**t, but don’t even think about approaching me…"

Another added: "Creepy? Why because she puts herself out in social media connected to reality tv and someone notices her?"


All this comes after Isabel opened up about dealing with her anxiety and how carrying her baby has been tough.

She said on Instagram: "Carrying this little life has been a full spectrum experience that I want to honor.

"Some days are harder than others and that is NORMAL. What matters is I'm healthy, he's healthy, we are all happy and healthy here."

She added: "And for that I am so grateful," before tagging a yellow heart Emoji.

Last month, Isabel and Jacob, 24,announced their pregnancy news with several photos from a sweet photo shoot, which showed Jacob cradling his wife’s growing baby belly.

Aside from Isabel, Jacob's brother Jeremy will also be a father again as his wife, Audrey, is pregnant with their third child.

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